Do I have this right?


So I am working out my new kai lord, and at sixth level, I believe I can do all of these things in a single round. Am I doing this right?

basically I am attacking a giak. Here is what I do:

1) Attack with my broadsword with 2 hands (so I get extra strength damage)

2)shoot a javelin at him from my side-quiver using mind over matter tier 5 (free action)

3)Mindblast tier 2 attack

4) AND i use the attack action of psychic combat.

So, my 6th level kai lord just made 4 attacks, yes? Could he use his telekinisis (mom) while using a full attack action as well?
I would not allow a javelin to be "Strafed" out of a quiver, unless it was already facing the opponent, pointy end first. Some GMs may allow this, and you certainly could get some kind of Strafing Will attack if the circumstance allowed for it. I would also quite possibly increase the DC of the Concentration check, given that you are in melee.

Mind Blast Tier II (Force of Personality) is not an attack, it merely increase melee damage. Psychic Lash (Tier III) could be used. Both FoP and PL could be used in conjunction with Mindblast.

So, I'd put some limits on your use of Mind Over Matter, but apart from that, yes, you could do everything listed.

Edit: and yes, as a free action, I would allow Strafing Will in conjunction with a full melee attack, with the same stipulations as originally listed.

The mind blast tier ll force of personality is a little weak power, is a move action to activate and only one round duration.

what is your opinion, SableWyvern? :D
I think it's fairly potent for a character with good CHA and no iterative attacks. Or in a circumstance where iterative attacks are likely to miss due to high AC.

It's also worth remembering the Kai also gets access to the Psychic Attack action at this Tier, so Force of Personality is really just a bonus.
Wow! Pretty cool attack, huh? And yes, i envisioned the javelins being put out pointy end out. Not a bad little idea, huh?