Do I have the right book?


Hello, all.

I'm completely new to Paranoia. I played the West End version once a few years ago but I just got the core rulebook in the mail. I ordered "Paranoia XP" but the book I got is called "Paranoia Service Pack 1." I'm assuming that the 3-page PDF in the downloads section of Mongoose's site is the only thing I need to make sure my book is up to date. If that's all I need then I won't bother trying to return the book but if someone with the right "security clearance" could verify that my thinking is right I'd appreciate it.

Paranoia Service Pack 1 includes all the updates included in the .pdf in the download section. You have the most current and complete version of the rules.
You have the 3rd incarnation of the Paranoia core book

1) Paranoia XP
2) Paranoia XP Service Pack 1. Incorporating the 3 page pdf download changes you mentioned
3) Paranoia Service Pack 1. Different main cover printed when a certain company complained about calling it XP. Otherwise idenbtical AFAIK to core book number 2 above.

You have the most up to date and current book.

I have The first one myself, the 2nd one is becoming somethiong of a sought after item, the up to date SP but also XP on the cover.

Good to know that I've got the best version. Lucked out again.

Well, kapnkrunch, good to have you as a citizen of the best game around. Having played all the versions of this game, I know you will have fun with this one. Don't leave out the Perversity points, I did at first and lost several clones before I smartened up.

Have fun, hot or cold.