Disney Planet

El Cid

I would like to go on record that IMHO the first dome on Disney Planet would be Fantasy Dome, not 20th Century Earth.


Sidney who is married to a Disney fanatic. :)
I dunno, devoting an area to the 1950's could be considered soothing to a lot of people. Besides you gotta remember that about 200 years passes between today and the "modern" era of B5, people will be interested in the 20th century at that point.
Perhaps a dome could be setup to be future dome! You know the . . . (insert overly dramatic voice) The Car of Tommorrow, the Spacecraft of Tommorrow, the Station of Tommorrow, The big bad kill them all weapon to end all wars of Tommorrow. (da da dum!) People still drooling over all the foolish 20th Century sci-fi stuff like replicators, teleporters, or the Dream home in a can. Simply pop the top and pour out. This will release a custom Nanite construction crew to build the houe of your dreams! Warning, please check local zoning laws before purchase.

I can see it now, a sourcebook devoted to Disney Planet when it's done. :lol:

Wonder how much the rights to that would be?
I wouldn't worry about the sourcebook. :)

I'd worry when Disney buy the rights to produce a Babylon 5 animated feature film... :shock: