Diseases, Potions, and Herbs of Magnamund


Disease: Vector, Fortitude DC, Incubation, Dmg

Korovax: Parasite, 18, 1 day, 1d3 Dex/1d12 EP
Red Death: Inhaled, 25, 1d3 days, 1d4 Con
Vaxelus: Inhaled, 17, 1d3 days, 1d10 Cha

Each natural disease (not supernatural ones) in the following list has one cure -- if the cure is administered before the first Incubation Check, the symptoms of the disease are eliminated. Cures are as follows:

Blinding Sickness: Oede Herb
Cackle Fever: Oede Herb
Korovax: Tincture of Oxydine
Limbdeath: Oede Herb
Mindfire: Oede Herb
Red Ache: Druse Sap
Red Death: Druse Sap
The Shakes: Oede Herb
Vaxelus: no cure