Die rolls in MRQ

What do you think of the number of die rolls in MRQ?

  • What are die rolls? (you LARPer, you!)

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  • Not enough! (Hand me my dice barrel).

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  • More than RQIII, but that's good

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  • The same as RQIII (yey for continuity!)

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  • More Than RQIII, thats bad (burn the Wargamers!)

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  • Less than RQIII, thats bad. (Death to free formers!)

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Actually, I have no idea how many die rolls were needed in RQIII, since I never played that version. But I do feel that there are more die rolls in MRQ than are strictly necessary, especially in combat.

I'll be tweaking the combat system to try to get rid of some of the superflurous die rolls.
Fewer rolls are definitely an improvement, especially with only one roll to hit and one to defend.