Deck Plans

I would like to see them also.

There is a deck plan in the Babylon Project for a very small freighter.

The module that MP put out has a deck plan for the Liberty, another small civilian ship.

I would thing that the deck plans for races which do not have artificial gravity would have "DOWN" towards the main thrusters of their ships. The deck plans that I mentioned above have a "TOP" down view of the ships like a house plan.

I think that Traveller had some ship deck plans which could be used if you needed something as a fill in for an adventure.
Does anyone know if Mongoose is putting anything together in this area?

If they are not planning on it, then maybe getting with the people at GURPS who made the_Traveller_deck plans. They are pretty darn good and set to about the same scale as that used in D20. Though if Mongoose got with GURPS I would hate to see the red tape that WB would make them jump through to get it to work.

You might even be able to take some of those and convert them directly over to a B5 ship. Just thought of that myself and I need to find some to try with.
Dunno if these are any use, here are the links 2 some Hyperion diagrams:

This one has a centrifuge:
I do like those because it gives me a good idea of where everything is. However, I would like to see something more complicated. It should lay out where the heck everything is, as well as give you a map that can be used for character scale movement in the ship. Now, it doesn't have to be a full sized map. You could put the individual decks on separate pages of a book. Maybe have Mongoose publish a book of nothing but deck plans for the various races. Admittedly, this would probably be a big pain in the posterior, but once you got the first few done for one race, the others would not be at all hard to figure out for that race once you have established their normal construction doctrine. Of course, time in this case is relative. :wink:
Silk said:
Dunno if these are any use, here are the links 2 some Hyperion diagrams:

This one has a centrifuge:

Are these your work?
I love em!!

I wish I knew about this site sooner. :lol: :lol:

Well, I'm off to delve into that sites info some more :D
Just had a thought. What if Mongoose were to put a few deck plans up on their download page for some of the smaller vessels to wet everyone's appetite. That way they could see what kind of demand is out there for them as well as get some (hopefully) constructive criticism.

That, and it would make me extremely happy as well. :D
slingbld said:
Are these your work?
I love em!!

Thank you!

I question the utility of desk plans for an entire ship. For one thing, a Hyperion is only a middle-sized ship, and it's three times the length of a modern day aircraft carrier (and has to be, if you're going to fit starfuries in those hangers: I've checked). It would be like having room-level plans for an entire city, when in reality you really only need plans for the places things actually happen.

For my first adventure, the crew had to retake their Hyperion from their overzealous commanding officer. But, all I needed was plans for the major "sets" like the improvised brig, and the sections of corridors in which encounters happened. And it's almost better to have those not etched in stone, in case you need to add something for your particular story.

If you check the Links page on my website (link in sig), you can download the first season B5 set plans from Michael O'Hare's website.

Jon Acheson
Well not exactly B5, Steve Jackson Games puts out Traveler deck plans that can be recombined and used for pretty much any ship. They already have hexes (and squares I think) for movement and aren’t too expensive. Might try those, though obviously still doesn’t cover the over all problem of where say the mess hall is. But it’s a start.
I'd hafta agree that on ships of this scale, it would be pretty hard to do full schematics. I like the idea of a sorta skeleton diagram of the points of intrest & what each point is connected to. So you can say there is a direct aproach to the armory from the bridge & the bridge to the breifing room. Or the crew quarters to the mess hall but you have to pass through teh crew quarters to get from the bridge to the mess. Get my drift? The diagram provided in the hyperion sideview would make something like this viable.

If there are any old timer gamers here, think of the old D&D module GDQ where you go into the underdark & rumage around for about 20-30 miles. the whole place was not fleshed out, only the points of interest. then there were randam hallway maps to use for when you are between these points of interest......