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I do not have the issue of S&P with the D20-to-Conan conversion article in it (just ordered it, should be here in a few days). In the mean time, I create my own notes on converting creatures. As usual, it's available on both my site and the Conan D20 Yahoo! Group file area.


Any and all feedback is appreciated.
Good job UncleBear !!! I'll have to look at your article when I get home (at work right now, hehe). A little while ago I was converting D20 creatures to Conan RPG, and I can tell you it's a pain. Your article will probably help.
Even though most of the opponents in Conan tend to be human adversaries, there are alot of creatures that can be converted; Mythical creatures, Cthulu-ish creatures, One-off Abberation types, etc.
Nice work, I like it. It won't cover every creature out there but at least it's a good starting point.

argo said:
Nice work, I like it. It won't cover every creature out there but at least it's a good starting point.


If anyone has ideas on what it WON'T work on, or ideas on ways to expand or improve on this, please let me know. I'm willing to kep expanding it as needed.
Someone posted somewhere else rules for converting, I initially started using them. The only thing they suggested was that any damage should go up 1 die type, since all the weapons do the same. Also ther is no clear way to determine if a creature's attacks has any AP value.
I have a selection of monsters from the Monster Manual done, including a few from MM2 and a couple ideas of my own. They pretty much only include the stat blocks, but I am up to about 8 pages ( @ 8 pt). If you want I can send it to you Unclebear, so you can look over?
Yeah, urdinaran, I'd like to see them.

webmaster AT unclebear DOT com is my email address.

I didn't make any adjustments for AP, but I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking for claw/bite equal to STR bonus (because it's EASY to figure it that way, which is the point) -- any thoughts?
General guideline for natural attack Claw & Bite/Slam AP values:

Size :: Claw & Bite AP :: Slam AP*
Fine** :: none :: none
Diminutive** :: 0 + 1/2 STR modifier :: 0 + 1/2 STR modifier
Tiny** :: 0 + STR modifier :: 0 + STR modifier
Small :: 1 + STR modifier :: 2 + STR modifier
Medium :: 2 + STR modifier :: 3 + STR modifier
Large :: 4 + STR modifier :: 6 + STR modifier
Huge :: 8 + STR modifier :: 12 + STR modifier
Gargantuan :: 12 + STR modifier :: 18 + STR modifier
Colossal :: 16 + STR modifier :: 24 + STR modifier

* A creature with a Slam attack will only have a base AP of 1/2 normal if it uses the appendage as a fine manipulator. Humans have only a 0 (meaning no armor piercing ability) due to the high importance of their hands. IMC the Improved Unarmed Strike feat gives a human an unarmed strike AP of 1 + STR modifier; yes, strong Khitain mystics can crush through armor if they opt to go with melee instead of finesse on open hand attacks.

** Most intelligent Fine, Diminutive, and Tiny creatures will perform their attacks as Finesse attacks, seeking to get around the armor. Even semi-intelligent creatures such as vermin will figure it out eventually, and try to get around their target's "shell."

An AP total that is less than 0 is counted as 0. Count a secondary attack as being at one size category less than the primary attack, and add only half any STR bonus. Count a fragile attack (i.e., a snake's fangs) as one size snaller. Various odd ranged attacks (like manticore spikes) are reduced by range.

This is what I plan to use for my own campaign, though it has not been tested as yet, as so far it has all been traditional hand to hand combat.

Notes from Conan Bestiary: the Grey Ape's gore attack has an AP of 8 (base 5 + 1/2 STR) which is about right. The Sabre-Tooth has a bite AP of 12 (9 + 1/2 STR, apropos of a Large creature with an effectively Huge bite). The system breaks down with no natural animals having AP scores (not even the Colossal Greater Son of Set, which has fangs the size of a dragon, and should crush armor like paper!) I'd also argue that warhorses should have AP with their hoof attacks (ever read what one of those attacks could to to even an armored knight?)
First off, yes all damage dice should be increased by one step to keep up with weapon combat in Conan.

Second, I think that most natural attacks should not have any AP value. Claw, rake, slap, slam and sting attacks should have AP 0. These "weapons" should not be tough enough to peirce armor like a steel weapon can. The creature can either overwhelm the armor with its high Str or else attempt to finesse (more likely).

Gore, bite, and possibly hoof attacks should have AP. For these I like the values suggested by Prof.Dogg: Medium creatures have AP 6, Large AP 9, and Huge AP 12. Don't bother trying to factor in Str, just use the flat values. "Dire" creatures, such as the sabertooth in the bestiary section, have a damage dice one category up and an AP to match.

Seems to me to be the easiest way of doing things.
I think certain creatures should have an AP to their attacks. Yes, every creature should't have that, but I think some should. I don't have my book in front of me ATM, but I believe horses have an AP to hoof attack (not sure).
How many times in Conan stories is some creature described as having talons as hard as iron, etc. ?
It would be nice to get some official word as to how to determine if a certain attack qualifies as having an AP and how much.
just my .02
I bring this thread back from the dead...

Unclebear, can you tell me what issue of S&P had the D20-Conan guide or repost your own guide please?

PlayWithBob said:
... Unclebear, can you tell me what issue of S&P had the D20-Conan guide or repost your own guide please? ...

Does Mongoose have any plans to make back-issues of S&P available as PDFs... or are they still hoping to sell the print issues?

Any chance of us who only discovered this game recently getting a copy of either that pdf, or a pdf of the article in S&P?
It sounds really useful. Perhaps the mongoose people could put it up on the website.