Cybernet - Feats


Jamie with a question said:
I have also noted that the corporate character has the feat 'corporate sponsor' but the rules for this feat do not appear anywhere in the book. What does this feat do?

CalicoDave with a question said:
Under the Freewheeling Talent tree two of the talents list prerequisites I can't seem to find. One prereq is "Bug Out" for the "Time to Motor" talent, and the other is "Offensive Driving" for the "Cannonballing" talent.

Cerhob with a question said:
Yea, I cant find any of the starting feats for most of the classes. Also, did anyone notice that There is Armor Proficancy (Light) but then Med and Heavy are bundled up in one feat, but yet in the soldier class, it shows them as 3 sepreat feats.

Socket with a question said:
The True Hackers bonus feat list is non-exsistant.

Cerhob with a question said:
Well what about some feats? Like Sneaky for the Jacker? Or that one you can get, er...Corp Sponser.... Also...I cant find Weapon Finesse..was it left out or just not in the game?

Socket with a suggestion said:
This is from the d20 modern SRD for weapon finesse....
Weapon Finesse
Choose one light melee weapon, a rapier (if the character can use it with one hand), or a chain.
Prerequisites: Proficient with weapon, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: With the selected melee weapon, the character may use his or her Dexterity modifier instead of his or her Strength modifier on attack rolls.

I would use it until August gives out the official errata sheet.

Calico Dave with a question said:
The Soldier class lists Improved Bull Rush as an Advanced Training feat, but it doesn't seem to be in the book.

Cerhob with a question said:
Whats up with the feats Corporat Clout and such "Rep bonus doubles to +4"? Do I get a +4 or does it doubble?

Psyclonejack with a suggestion said:
Corp Clout, Ganger Rep, Street Cred, even the police one, are all "Rep bonus doubles to +4." Using a bit-o-logic it seems to be this would be 'increases to', just like the 'RENOWN' Feat that 'increases' REP by +2.

Mongoose August with a calming voice said:
I'll keep monitoring the thread for a bit and then put together an errata sheet for you all. It was a new game (and my first crack at game design for real), so there were bound to be a few bumps. I just hope everyone likes it so far...
CalicoDave with a question said:
To use a grenade launcher does it take the Heavy Weapons Proficiency feat (as specified on the weapons table and the Soldier class) or the Exotic Firearms Proficiency feat (as specified in the feats section)?
Grenade Launchers are used with the Heavy Weapons feat. The Exotic Weapons feat is an error when it refers to this weapon.