CyberNet 2087 Campaign Setting Soundtrack ??

Is anyone interested in a follow-up soundtrack for CyberNet?

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MongooseStratos said:
Hey guys... Stratos of Bailey Records here (under my new username)...

First off, I'm shutting the poll down. Enough people chimed in to convince me that "yes" more music is wanted... so, without further ado...

The Universe87 Campaign Setting Soundtrack is finally available (although only via download from

It's 17 tracks logging in at nearly 79 minutes so buy an 80-minute CD and features printable full-color artwork by Jason Seabaugh & Todd Zircher.

I personally have written 8 new songs that tie in with themes and styles from the previous OGL CyberNet Soundtrack. In addition, I've combed the globe and got some of the best remixers around to re-work material from the CyberNet Soundtrack and really make them all shiney (to borrow a phrase). One such remixer is my pal Capt. Futura who not only remixed two songs but contributed an original titled "Pattern Recognitions".

About the download format... I wanted to keep it as high-quality as possible. In order to do so I broke the album in half and made it two $5.00 files to purchase and download at your leisure. Buy #1 and you get mostly my originals and remixes by Capt. Futura. Buy #2 and you get mainly CyberNet Soundtrack remixes with a few originals for good measure. Buy them both and burn them to a CD like you're suppose to and you'll have a nearly-80-minute instrumental utopia for playing those cyberpunk / modern / sci-fi campaigns!

And best of all... if you like "cut tracks" and "bonus material" we've got that too. Over the course of the next couple months (and we'll remind you here), we'll be releasing alternate mixes, "lost" songs, and stuff that honestly just did not fit on our full-length album.

So, clear off your iPod or bu a couple 80-minutes CDRs because the Universe87 Campaign Setting Soundtrack is here!

Hey people!

Who is interested in purchasing a hardcopy, manufactured CD of the Universe87 Campaign Setting Soundtrack with artwork, etc?!

PM or email me if you are. Orders will be $12.00 US and that includes shipping & handling and PayPal fees.

I'm only going to make an exact amount needed to cover the contributing artists and specific orders so get your orders in now! Offer ends Sept 16, 2005 so PM or email me!

Cheers, Stratos