Corinthia, need info!


Can anybody point me towards any conan stories or novels detailing Corinthia. In particular, the cities and towns, and the lone keep and ruins of a temple to the demon Kthantos within the Western Pass.

Right now all I have to go on is the AE book and Road of Kings.

Thanks a lot!

Cool thanks. And to answer my own post, a google search turned up a novel called Conan the Great which apparently involves the temple ruins of Kthanos
I haven't read Conan the Great but I liked the idea of the keep, ruin and demon so I created a scenario of my own with them.

Here the gist if it. Feel free to use it for ideas:

The Demon in the Mist

The PCS are mercenaries serving in the Corinthian army. Until recently, they had an easy life performing garrison duty in the warm streets of Polliponi.

Now, their officer has assigned them as reinforcements to a keep on the mountainous border with Ophir. The commander of the keep has requested some more men.

The PCs travel along the cold, windy trails to the keep, fighting off an attack by bandits.

Arriving at the keep, they find an air of gloom and fear hovering over the men. The commander admits that 8 of his men have disappeared. Two disappeared first, then the search party sent to find them vanished and one man was found raving about monsters before he died.

That night, a mist falls across the keep and screams ring out as another another man disapears. The PCs catch a glimpse of a shadowy form with many tentacles and bat like wings.

Interrogating the other soldiers reveals that the first two men had deserted to do some treasure hunting in a temple in the mountains.

The commander orders the PCS to investigate the temple. En route, they meet some local Hill-men. They also are searching for a missing comrade. They tell the PCs the legend of the temple, how a dark cult occupied it serving the demon Kthantos, until the sorcerror Zathron destroyed them and bound the demon in the temple with a magic sigil.

The missing soldiers have released the demon and are now act as his possessed servants. They attack the PCs as they approach the temple.

"Like fiends from some darksome pit they seemed, lumbering forward, their red eyes glowing in the darkness.......... "

In the misty temple the PCs find the door with its imprisoning symbol shattered. Inside the demon lurks. Attempts to kill it fail unless the party scholar (or Hill-shaman) can paint the symbol on a weapon and drive it into the monsters heart !!!!!!!!!!!!

Crom !!!!!
Wow, that sounds like a great adventure! Personally, I'll be using a similar plotline, but the PC's will be paying a debt to a friend in town who wants them to check up on a female companion of his. She was on her way from Ophir to Corinthia and stopped at the keep for rest. Word was sent from the keep that she was taken in the night, by some non-human beast. The tracks led deep into the rocky hills to the old temple, where the PC's will have to save her from a dark and sinister ritual being performed by a deranged sorcerer, and his beastial minions in order to prevent the resurrection of Kthantos.
Yeah. Your scenario sounds cool too.

I'd maybe make the bestial minions apelike (like the one in Black Colossus) and have a Black Stone Altar in the temple.

You might also want to check out the following, I found them useful for inspiration:

The Keep By F. Paul Wilson, The Striking of the Gong, People of the Black Circle and The Trail of the Bloodstained God by REH.

You should look up the information from Hyborian War on Corinthia. That will give you some names of NPCs to work with too.