Consolidated Feat List



So, as my collection of Conan RPG books grows, I've noticed, as I'm sure everyone else has, that there are ALOT of feats for this game.


I'm wondering, before I begin working on one, has anyone consolidated a complete list of the feats already in print? Like how WOTC has done on their site, I'm thinking of compiling a list of all the feats that gives:

Name of the feat
Book it is in
Page # in said book
One sentence description of what it does.

I'm curious since I don't want to waste the time doing something that has aleady been done before.
I seem to remember someone strating to work on a compiled listing, but I can't recall who it was or how far they got. Of course, this was a while back.

We could definately use a complete listing though. :)
Be nice to see it done as a feat tree, graphically, so that pre-reqs could be easily identified.

If someone has the list, I'll do the graphic. 8)

I've only gotten through the main book and Book III from the Shadizar set. but hopefully tonight and tomorrow I can finish up with the three Hyborea's ______ books as wells as Road of Kings and Across the Thunder River.

I have means to checking out a few other books I don't yet have to at least keep the list going.

I'll keep people up to date on this little project.
Sutek said:
Be nice to see it done as a feat tree, graphically, so that pre-reqs could be easily identified.

If someone has the list, I'll do the graphic. 8)

Since I was hoping to make this publicly available, I was going to try and avoid posting the rules (even just prereqs) of the feats. Instead just listing the descriptive part of the feat itself.

Like a giant Feat index.
Somebody did a complete index, compiling all the stuff from all the books. At least it was pretty comprehensive if not all inclusive.

Let me do a search real fast and see if I can find it. I want to say in was a or something like that....

<<EDIT>> can download the Master Index here, but it doesn't list all the feats in alpa-order under "Feats", for example.


I'll try to write it all down myself and create a graphic tree. It'll show the feats and give a brief description, but not really any straight-out rules. Pre-reqs will be evident because of the tree structure.

Should be up later this week on my photobucket. I'll post the link as soon as I'm done. 8)
Nice index.

From what I see though, it does not list the feats as I planned on doing them.

It indexes them with everything else. But the list I'm working on is a comprehensive feats only list with name, book, page # and brief descriptor. Primarily this is to ease the troubles of trudging through all the possible feats out there.

WOTC did a similar list with tiers as well as several other lists.

I'll try and post what I have to a geocities site tomorrow to give everyone a better example.
Bobsan said:
Nice index.

Thank you. IIRC, if you search for the string {FEAT} that should locate all from the listed books. Keep in mind I don't have Shadizar, Black Kingdoms and a few others. When I get Argos & Zingara and Shem in a couple of months, I'll add those too.
Argos/Zingara just came out and I'll have it today. It doesnt' sound like you're missing anything vital, as long as you have all the class based books and ROKs you should have the essentials.

I'll search that string and see what I get and see if I can get something available today.
I made that list of Feats a while back; I also made a spell list too. I stored them on MyFileStash... can't seem to connect to their server... I'll post it though.
Ta. I'll hop on it and see if I can covert it into a tree.

The real challenge is that there's a lot more pre reqs that aren't feats, so a tree arrangement may look a bit daft. We'll see...
Here's a sample of what I was working on. I didn't include anything regarding the actual rules of the feats since I didn't wanna run in to any problems if I posted this to a website.

Though if MG does not care, perhaps I'll incorporate the pre-reqs into the general list I created.

Thanks urdinaran.

Mind you, I only just began this list last Thursday and have yet to format it into anything nice looking. Just a rough list right now.
Nice lists! Looked at them and found two feats my char would probably be interested in; Ambush and Quick Stealth... but what book is the one that is abbreviated as "HF"?