Conan's childern

To Conan has at least two legimate children who are they? Are there more? do one of them inherit the throne of Aquilonia after the departure of Conan to the the West (about that why do all the great heros who has survived to their adventures go to the West? :roll: ) ? And wider whats happen inn Aquilonnia?
Yeah, I had never thought of that. Given his amourous ways, there should be quite a few little barbarian wreaking havoc across the lands, maybe even princlings of other countries. Cool NPC opportunities there.
Conan's son by the only woman he married is named Conan but is called Conn. Conan's daughter isn't named as far as i know. As for why great hero's go west, it's a mythological euphemism for going to the afterlife.
Also, while Conn is neat to have around, REH never wrote him into the story, that was done in Pastiches or just whole cloth by other authors. REH's last Conan story was (I do believe) Hour of the Dragon, he didn't write any Conan after that. Conan was kind, but still single, which leaves us all up in the air about his heir. Do it how you like. We use King Conn in our game, just because we like it.
mmm..i had an old bokk of hiboria that says that conan had 3 childrens
1. Prince anf future king Conan, that everybody calls conn
2. Princess Radegund
3. Prince Taurus