Conan the Magnificent


Hey guys,

I'm making an adventure based around Robert Jordan's Conan the Magnificent, featuring the fire breathing drake. Just wondering if anybody has read this story, and would have some useful input as to its stats.

My group will be around 3rd-4th level by the time the drake shows up, and the Brythunian with the dragon slaying sword will be included in the adventure, along with the horny Jondra, and fierce Tamira.

I am thinking of using the red dragon stats from the SRD but without the spell resistance and spell-like abilities. Just not sure on the size. It says the thing is over 15 paces long, which is about 75 feet I think?
I dont have it in front of me, but wanst there a fire drake monster listed in the Shadizar boxed set ?

Mad Dog
Ok that seals it! I definately have to buy that boxed set now :p Heading to as I type!

From first glance, is it nice and nasty?
Hey Quigs,

Haven't seen the boxed set, but I think one pace is equivalent to 2.5 feet...

Hope this helps.

Yeah, I have seen two different measurements for a "pace". The romans in ancient times used a double step as a pace, or 5 feet, while the common day measurement is closer to 3 feet.

I am thinking a 45 foot dragon is more reasonable than a 75 foot one for a 3rd-4th level party, hehehe. Not by much though!
So I ordered the Shadizar boxed set, despite the varying opinions of many posters here as to its usefulness and quality. I am in the process of writing up this adventure still and want to know if any of the main NPC's of this story are statted up in the boxed set? Specifically..

Basrakan Imalla
Anybody else?