Conan S&P on RPGNow?

You can have most of them through the Sons of Cimmeria program but I don't know if they still run it.
They aren't....but this is something we've asked for - a Conan S&P annual. As great as the company is, they don't understand that their products are SO diverse, that many of us won't buy a magazine just for one article. They try to tell you that you could get good ideas from the other game articles, but I don't want 'ideas'....I'm too busy to make use of 'ideas' and I'm not interested in reading about B5 or the other products at all. I will buy an annual, and I will wait for it to come out. I will not buy S&P, and I regret missing the Conan material.
I don't think there'd be enough S&P material in one year on any one game to make an annual for any of them, unless it's reduced to a smaller 32-page book. However, if you include an errata/faq section, and maybe a specially-written scenario (or a couple of mini ones), you could then have enough material to produce a nice 64-page Annual...
If its annual they can also put it new material therein. I guess they receive enough submissions from without.
Who cares if it's 32 pages? The point is to get Conan stuff without paying for additional material we'll never use. Including some bonus stuff, as mentioned by mthomason, is a great idea, but I'd be happy to recieve S&P articles even without anything new. :)
The errata/faq would certainly make a lot of people happy who still have the pre-Atlantean edition, and for the sort of price they should not mind paying because of the other material included. Plus it becomes a commercially viable product for Mongoose to produce that way, rather than having to find time to fit it in between the paying jobs :)

Maybe this would be a way to ensure ongoing support for core rulebook updates for other product ranges, too?
Here, here. I'm with you guys!
I'd love to see an 'annual' style product with all of this bits & pieces
from throughout the year. It wouldn't even be that hard to produce -
I mean all the typesetting/layout stuff etc has already been done.
It just has to be compiled to a new .doc & printed...
Yeah, I'd buy a compilation for sure. Conan and maybe Starship Troopers are all that I'm really interested in as far as S&P content is concerned.
I would also be interested in a "full" errata with the actual changes/rules written out for the original Conan RPG book.

A Conan S&P annual would also be a welcome addition.
I'm also one of the "not going to buy S&P for one article" school of thought;
given the wealth of good ideas that get posted I'd have thought Mongoose would be able to ensure a high standard of content. If an annual were published they should have time to pick and choose the wheat from the chaff. I'd certainly go for an annual.