Conan PBP needs players


I'm in the process of setting up a Conan PBP gamehere.

Looking for a few more players before we get kicked off. All information is in the post...but in short-
The game is set in Shadizar
You start as slaves
Any race; any class
1st level
Any official Mongoose Conan material.

I currently have a Kezankian Hillman using the Pit Fighter Barbarian variant, and likely scholar. Feel free to post in that thread if you are interested (registration required, but I hardly see that as a hardship).

You can also post here, or drop me a PM if you have questions. [/url]
It's a variant on the barbarian class and info on it can be found in Hyboria's Fiercest. Essentially it swaps out a number of skills as class skills.
For those that PM'd me as to how this whole PBP thing works, if you scroll down to the bottom of the forums you can see three sterling examples of PBP in (in)action.

Also, if you follow the link (you know, the underlined here) in that first post, it'll take you to where the game is being run along with numerous examples of games in PBP form.

And yes, this is me being lazy and not wanting to try and make some sort of half-baked description of Play-By-Post.
Once the game is set up over at ORP I'm planning on having a Visitor/Lurker thread. Feel free to follow along there, and if an opening occurs, I'll be sure to remember that you are interested.