Computer/Software TL Examples

Evening all. Got a question about computers in the current 2022 core book.

I understand the basic TL rules regarding software and computer TLs. But oddly enough, if I'm reading this correctly and not missing something, the example on page 110 (using a TL13 Intrusion/3 on a TL8/9 Computer/1) and the same example for the Specialized Computer on pg 112 would not be possible.

By that rule (unless it's a typo or I missed something) a basic TL 8/9 Computer/1 cannot run a TL13 Intrusion/3 program.

Am I missing something or are the examples typos?


Cosmic Mongoose
A Computer/1 becomes available at TL 8, but may be produced at higher tech levels. Also consider things like a Mobile comm (Computer/1 at TL10 or a Bug (Computer/1 at TL15) - *shameless plug* lots more examples in the updated CSC. So the example is valid, but there's obviously some abstraction around software in these rules. The programming language/interface/ etc. is not considered directly.