COmbat Help Sheet


Hi Guys, I am working on a GM screen for Conan and the plan has changed a bit since Mongoose has been very willing to send me the charts and art I need, so once I get that I will pull all of that together, However during that time I worked up a sheet that is meant to be part of that but serves very well as a handout for your group to explain the formulas for different combat scenarios.

Thanks to NEO for making this PDF version from my DOC.

Also just note in grapples , first a touch attack has to succeed before actual grapple check.


Family friendly :) Really, I originally made them for my game and my group and when we meet at each others homes often the kids are up(mine and others) and I just don't feel like getting asked about Boobies! :shock: If I get inundated with nudity requests I can make a Janet Jackson version.


Cool, I'm glad it helped. Part of the GM screen is done as Mongoose sent me the stuff today, It will probably take me a few days to finish, especially both sides


Thrack said:
I put together a hand out for my players based on your work. It's a little more printer friendly for now.

I can't wait to see your finished screen. Formulas.doc


Nice sheet, some ideas on things to consider adding:
- Healing from the Heal skill
- modifiers to damage based on weapon size and hands used (i.e., using 2 hands on all but light weapons gives 1 1/2x STR mod to damage, and using weapon in off-hand gets x1/2 STR mod to damage)
- possibly comment that AP is modified by flat STR mod (i.e., no mod based on hands used/off-hand)?
- possibly say the Massive Damage save is a Fort save (just to be clear)?

Adding in some stuff might require the bulk of the text to be reduced in font size to 11...


No problem, I also need to work on other combat related specifics that can be discerned at a quick glance for the screen and the formulas are in my opinion important indeed.


I will be separating the Formulas as mentioned for the GM screen and appreciate the thought. I have been researching various screens and actually got the go ahead to do some rough drafts for the art, :D That is the part I love.

Here are a few things I'd like to add and if you can it would be great, If not I will take care of it.

Under Damage on Strength Bonus- I just want to clarify Non STR Bow examples

Under Massive Damage in ( Over 20 pts in one attack, after DR)

And also under Massive damage , I'd like to notate what a save and failure results in .

Under Miscellaneous Combat (I will probably separate Grapple as It is huge), I'd like to put formula for touch attack in.

Also mention that if being grappled you get a -4 to attack and if being attacked while grappled you lose your Dex.

ANy other grapple related modifiers I can think of.

Under Healing, I'd like to mention that it can only be performed on someone once after a combat so they should choose wisely who does healing.

Thanks again for your ideas and I think these will make some nice additions. I am also going to enter all modifiers I can based on different parameters, such as total defense, concealment etc.



tagnetti said:
Under Healing, I'd like to mention that it can only be performed on someone once after a combat so they should choose wisely who does healing.
You should note that it's the First Aid feature of the heal skill.

Also, it's worth noting (here anyway) that there is no restriction to taking 10 or 20 on this check. Taking 20 would require additional time and if someone isn't stabilized then that could be deadly but otherwise . . .

Also, stylisticly, I don't like the centering. Consider putting the information in a tabular format and group it by general function:

Combat Basics
Advanced Combat


Thanks for the feedback, mine will certainly have a nicer layout for the GM screen and I will sort as you mentioned.

One question, are you saying that on a heal check you can take 10 or 20? Just want to make sure I got you right and that the sheet is accurate.