cold equations advice


anybody who's run this have any advice in what order to run events on the shuttle?

my game is coming up tuesday and was wondering what thoughts other had...
When I ran this adventure with my group, I just played each event when I felt like it would impact the most. For example I allowed all the characters to build tension, I allowed the outburst of the Centauri Noble, the retort by the Narn. Then I allowed the child to begin to unsettle people with her constant mutterings of "we are going to die". At the same time I had the blip start to make contact with my Minbari Telepath and he started raving about all sorts of things, starting with the present situation and then going back to an earlier time and then into a possible future...this made it very difficult to follow what he was saying and allowed me to add future plot ideas as well as clues in without the PC's catching on too quickle. I kept hi going on about how they were all dead inside and that they were coming for him. Of course he was taliking about PsiCops, unfortunatly the PC's then heard a noise and the smell coming from the hold and thought that somehow and for so reason a Lazerus had been suggled on board and decided to attack the poor Pak'ma'ra and killed him (a bit of a mistake but a critical hit with a Ka'toc will tend to do that for you).

It was a fun way of daing it as the PC's (for once) werekept pretty much in the dark about what was happening.
well, had my first game last night, and it went well. Got a very late start due to character creation, so a lot of the fears I had about the shuttle were unfounded, as we only ran through about half the events and things flowed pretty naturally I think.
We have a decently balanced party, all Human which makes play a little simpler for me. One trader (pilot type), one Ranger, and one White collar worker (computer tech-Mr. fixit) so a fair balance. we didn't finish the shuttle part of the adventure, but I think I have their interest piqued.
The ranger was quick to intercede in "war without end" and knocked the centauri unconscious before the narn could even land a blow, very funny.

Glad you enjoyed the game. When I took my party through (1 Minbari (TP)and 2 Narn (1 solider and 1 agent)) we played an entire day with it, so I was able to play through the shuttle at a pace that I thought went enoght that the players did not really get a chance to find their feet, but slow enough that I got as many of the varoius chapters on board the shuttle that I wanted. Mind you the fun I had trying to sort out the PC's after they killed the Pak'Ma'Ra who was meant to tell them the clues need was fun...thank goodness for blips living on the edge of sanity.

I think that by the end of the adventure they were left really confused as to what actually happened.

Now all I need is for my Ragged edge to arrive (been waiting ages for it) and then I will run that and into the crucible at the same time...should keep the PC's guessing about what is really going on (especially as they are working for the shadows, although they don't know it yet :twisted: )
well, I have problems I to run the last shuttle encounter without having air as a problem? .... I'll come up with something.

My Minbari telepath was also a doctor...she put all non essentail people to sleep with only a few refusing at the beginning. The Centauri was of course put to sleep by the Narn :)

You could have a medical kit on board with some tranquelisers, then have someone on board able to give them out (nurse, retired doctor, etc)
Well the point was that the air math given in the text shows 400 person-hours of air, even with a 6 person party that's 26 hours.
if they elect to fly to B5 themselves, they make it in 18 or less. how is air ever a problem?

Chernobyl said:
Well the point was that the air math given in the text shows 400 person-hours of air, even with a 6 person party that's 26 hours.


Either there are 9 non party members or your maths is way off :lol:

(Not overly familiar with the adventure)
lastbesthope said:
Chernobyl said:
Well the point was that the air math given in the text shows 400 person-hours of air, even with a 6 person party that's 26 hours.


Either there are 9 non party members or your maths is way off :lol:

Exactly ! (9 NPCs on board...)

Air won't be a problem in my game Chernobyl, I haven't finished the shuttle part of the scenario. The players are flying to B5 and it's not taking them much time...

In my game, Du'Stal (Narn NPC warrior) almost killed Kodiro (Cnetauri NPC) with a single blow ! (critical) My Minbari scientist stopped him from bleeding to death at -9... :)
Chernobyl said:
I'm thinking I may have to have a problem with the air recycling system... :lol:

Or a cabin pressurisation problem... :twisted:

Oh wait, only one spacesuit helmet...ah well... :roll:
Well I've got a full table for my campaign now.
In addition to the starting characters on the shuttle:
Human Trader (pilot-type)
Human Worker (techie-type)
Human Ranger (uhh...ranger type? :) )

they will be joined by 3 new players once they reach B5

Human Telepath (Psi-Corps, P7)
Narn Officer
Centauri Diplomat

Considering this will lead into the Ragged Edge, it will be VERY interesting to see how the Centauri player and the Telepath player evolve over the course of the campaign.

My group should be completing The Cold Equation tonite and getting a start on the Ragged Edge...we have a weekly Friday night game. The characters are as follows...

1. Pak'ma'ra Lurker...Actually Gurrah the npc is now a PC with diffferent stats.

2. Human Agent....A Free Mars operative

3. Human Techno-mage

4. Human Diplomat....Employee of President Santiago's travel office..on the run

5. Human Ranger- Assigned to learn information about ASI

6. Centauri Telepath (P10) noble...neice of Calan Orestes