character generator


Does this character generator work? I noticed it produces some skills below level 4 and I thought 4 is the lowest a skill can go.
Missing that is treason. By the way I love seeing a player's face once they've committed to a specialty and then pick their weakness only to find out just how much of a weakness it really is.
Hah, sweet, I used this to produce what I would look like in Paranoia. (Might make for a good npc.)

Big Evil. Yellow clearance. (I rolled a dice. And everybody says I look good in yellow. :p )
Branch: Armed Services.
Bootlicking 7
Chutzpah 11
Con games 7
Hygiene 7
Intimidation 7
Moxie 1
Oratory 7

Concealment 1
Disguise 10
High alert 1
Security systems 1
Shadowing 10
Sleight of hand 6
Sneaking 10
Surveillance 6

Agility 6
Demolition 6
Energy weapons 10
Field weapons 6
Fine manipulations 6
Hand Weapons 10
Projectile weapons 6
Thrown weapons 6
Unarmed combat 6
Vehicular combat 1

Bot ops&Matienance 4
Chemichal enigineering 4
Electronic engineering 4
Habitat engineering 8
Mechanichal engineering 4
Nuclear engineering 4
Vehicle & ops matienance 4
Weapons & armour matienance 4

All 4.

Biosciences 4
Bioweapons 4
Cloning 4
Medical 4
Outdoor life 4
Pharmatherapy 8
Psychotherapy 4
Suggestion 1

Mutant power: X-ray vision.
Secret society: humanist (four degrees)
Secret skills:
Uncommon martial arts 7
Unlikely hobbies 14
Unhealthy old reckoning cultures 1
Credits 686 (one digit off!)

Treaonous equipment:
(Tireless servant) capsule.
Expirmenetal B3 R&D.
Can of puff crunchers.
Electric chainsaw. (Heh, I'll swallow your soul!)

This was suprisingly accurate to how I am in real-life.. :shock: Though I carry around The Necronomicon, not the goodguy's weapon, and my mutant power is telepathy. (I've proven it. :twisted: ) not X-ray vision.

Oh snap lol, as I generated my character Nine Inch Nails "Bite the hand that feeds" came on the radio. :lol:
Big Evil, it's not Martial Arts that you have as your secret skill. The Humanists don't offer any training in that. Transpose the "t" and the "i".
Here's another generator. Can never have too many mutants, they seem to die lots.
When it comes to bad choices for Weaknesses, nothing beats the Prefab characters in the Main Rulebook when running "Robot IMANA-665-C"!

I'll leave the GMs to look up the references, and see why noone has been able to complete it yet.

Of course, more damage has been done with one of the Specializations of the Mister Bubbles Pre-Fabs than anything else. Who is up for guessing how it goes?
please feel free to PM me on plive with additional Tics or typos. Similar for typos on the mutimaker. I keep seeing some :)

(I'm Max on plive - no shock there)
Work has begun on a requested addition to the mutimaker line...

A russian translation. Thanks to 5127 from the Plive forum for his work on this, but he is lazy clone, and hasn't finnished yet. :)