Campaign Maps

This stuff has always seemed very cool to me, but I've never used it or seen it used.

I'm not sure what type of maps the linked scenario ("campaign") rules for ACTA use, but if you need help tracking down some maps, I would be more than happy to find them and upload them for download.

I know I have the PDF versions of the HRT's AOG B5 maps (enough acronyms for you?) that I could post, if you are looking for nodal jump maps like the ones you can find in the B5 RPG or (I think) Galaxy Guide. Same basic maps, but there are a few differences based on the AOG maps being based on the Chameleon Eclectic maps and both being produced prior to Crusade and its annoying rapid proliferation of human settlements.

I also have another similar but much prettier map that FuzzyModem did based on a mix of different sources (mainly AOG, I think, but other fan resources). It is by far the most graphical of the bunch.

There is also a hex-based version of the traditional AOG/Mongoose B5 map that Todd Boyce did for a campaign.

If any of these sound like what you are looking for, I can go in and try to find them for you.