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How do you guys make your terrain? I've made a bug hole involving a old cd disc, pink insulation foam, assorted tools, and paints + sand and gravel. I'll get picks up soon but i need some more creative ideas for terrain. Any is helpful!
I find random household objects laying around and spread em' accross a green felt-covered 7x6 table! :D

Although I'll be getting around to making paper mache terrain later this year...
I haven't had too much time to build terrain, but I like to use a variety of mediums when I do. I've got a camel-colored felt gaming mat for play and I've build an ammo dump using card stock (looks like something dropped from space w/ chute box and opening doors). I started building scenery out of styrofoam but had to toss it for the move to CO. Once I get my miter saw set up I'm going to build some MI Outpost Walls using aspen.

Yep, we make all of our own terrain ;) Check out the SST Painting and Modelling Guide to see some of it if you weren't on hand at Gen Con Indy back in 05.

You can also see our terrain, as well as some great stuff brought forward by the MI online at:


For a look at some of our other SST galleries, please visit the link below:


The Terrain Club at our store meets every week and creates terrain of a wide variety of themes through a wide variety of means. Here are some of the other projects we've undertaken:

Some general terrain:

Our Games Day Baltimore Table:

I haven't updated the galleries in a while but if you poke around under some of the various event galleries you'll see other things we've built as well. We're currently working on a really cool swamp table, originally inspired by the jungle campaign of the SST Chronicles. I'm really looking forward to seeing it done so that my spider bugs can have a new place to roam.

I love talking to folks about terrain making and am always on the lookout for new things to learn. Thanks guys for posting your experiences and if anyone's got questions on anything shown in the links above I'd be more than happy to help out where I can.

Good gaming,

Brian and Danger Planet ROCK!

We loved playing on their stuff at Gencon Indy last year. Pictures don't give the full extent of the awsomeness of this stuff. :)

James / Nezeray
yea I make all of my own stuff and help out with the local club with there's if I remember to take my camara down I'll take some shots!!
Well here is a cool outpost/Orbital Defense array I made using random plastic junk--- and the reddish rock formations are from a large tough foam wheel that was from the inside of an organ player that was mysteriously smashed to bits in my basement.


I made this tower using plastic dividers from a tackle box and plastic plant pots.


My outpost stuff in the distance lol


Spray Foam, and a coffee Lid


LOTS of foam lol and plastic cups to help with the holes


Tommorrow will be terrain and model picture day so Ill post more me thinks

and the Danger Planet Swamp is Frigging sweet!, im salavating for it to be finished---

One day I WILL buy the magnets and the foam and build my magnetic 3d asteroid board... I have the magnetic paint... 1 step closer.....

that and I think someone should do a nuked crater map, complete with black tarry glass in the middle lol
Hey all,

Gauntlet's terrain is awesome. He posted some of the same pics up on our forum earlier but I don't think I'd see the satellite dish before. Very cool and creative!

Our Terrain Club met earlier tonight. We're currently about to revisit our urban terrain and spent a good portion of tonight taking inventory of available bits and developing concepts. The hightlight of the night for me is that we FINALLY did the first pour of the water into the swamp table. Assuming it dries OK, we'll be doing the next pours in an alternating Saturday/Wednesday fashion with the goal being to have the table ready for our tournament on the 30th.

Once it's all said and done I'll get some pics posted so that you can all check it out as well. Better yet, if you're in the Waltham, MA area on the 30th bring 1500pts of SST and join in the fun!

Good gaming,

Bughole (4"diameter, 4"high):

Oh, and one question: How long, broad and high is a (thorny) tanker?
7 Inches? Cause I've seen a thing from 'duell masters' for 6€ that would make a really sweet Thorny One.
Galatea said:
Oh, and one question: How long, broad and high is a (thorny) tanker?
7 Inches? Cause I've seen a thing from 'duell masters' for 6€ that would make a really sweet Thorny One.

I've made a tanker out of one of those Duel Master toys, they do indeed make a kick ass tanker, I think I might even prefer it to the official one, although that might be because I managed to get one for £2... :lol: The size is pretty much spot on too, tankers size level 5 or 6, i.e 5/6 inches.
Doesn't take too much work at all, appart from sawing the middle so you can fit it into an acceptable pose. The plastic also takes paint suprisingly well. Here's a hint, those spare Warrior bug legs make some great mandibles if you cut them down a little, and are the exact right size for the back legs if you get the pose right :D