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Cosmic Mongoose
I figured out at the weekend (and I may well be the last to do so) that the 1:270 Traveller Minis from 2nd Dynasty are almost the exact scale for a 6mm wargame (the 1:270th scale matches the FF X-Wing game, but is only 5.26% larger than the 1:285 scale of 6mm figures and vehicles - not a noticeable difference). Printed one immediately, and didn't even bother with the 5% scale adjustment. It looks perfect. Can't wait to paint it.
So now I can actually field an 800 ton Mercenary Cruiser, the troop contingent, air-raft and the two APCs! All I need are some scale Modular Cutters, may make these myself if 2nd Dynasty do not.

So happy! Now, where'd my mercenary box set go ...