Boxes: To Keep or Not to keep


Quick question: Should we be hanging on to all of our SST packaging in anticipation of a redemption program?

I hold onto my packages for terrain stuff (Buildings and other structures) :D . It would be a good idea to hang onto 'em.
There's a redemption program? Where? What's the details?

Well I've been taking all the loose foam rubber sheets (from the thousands of blister pack minis I've bought, yeah I'm a pack-rat) and cut them up and hot glued them into partitions that fit inside the plastic bubbles in the boxes. I can get 10 mobile infantry figures per box with plenty of room and protection. I can get alot more in if I omit the plastic and just put in 2 sheets of convoluted foam in the box, but I don't think it will stay closed as reliably.

Anyways, I found it to be a good way to keep your figures stored in a nice uniformly shaped series of boxes. With 10 to a box, you can keep them by squads.
You could collapse them to save space; put them in a bookshelf or something to keep them out of the way.
I live in canada and dont get the nice boxs, just plastic bags with the sprues and bits in parcels full of packing peanuts and bubble rap
i use an ornament box now so i threw mine out, they just arnt tall enough for bugs

and speaking of packaging... i wonder how mongoos esaves money on the mega swarm... because its basically just 3 boxes shrink wrapped together from what ive seen... which means they would only be saving money on shrink wrap... as someone who has operated such machinery i know how cheap that stuff is.... I dont see how mongoose is getting a good deal out of it... not until they start packing a smaller/one box
I keep my Warrior, Hopper, and Blister/Blaster Bugs in my big starter set box. With some well placed foam the Marauder Suits fit well in the standard boxes, if you don't glue the base on them. The Tanker fits in its own box, I use the Plasma bug box for holding my larger bugs that don't fit in the standard boxes, like the Infiltrator and Brain Bugs.
Rob_alderman said:
I keep my boxes cos Im a really bad hoarder. I should throw some away really.

Same here. I should post the photo I took of my Toy unicron, complete with huge collection of Warmachine Squad boxes beside it.
Keep - how else You're going to get cheap transportation means for the army?

Plus they make good substitute binkers ^^
nanite said:
Quick question: Should we be hanging on to all of our SST packaging in anticipation of a redemption program?


Good question! I don't have room to save all my old boxes, but just in case Mongoose ever offers a redemption program, I've started saving the ends of the boxes with the bar code label. I throw the rest of the box away.

I do save the clear plastic inserts, though. They come in handy sometimes.
Recycle them

realy there is no need to kep them !

think about it are you going to still have them in 25 years time ? no

so chuck them now save space and time.