Bot PCs!


I was wondering will there be upated rules for playble bots? I know there was a book for it in the earlier edition. Been thinking it might be fun to play one.
You may mean Acute Paranoia or possibly the Bot Abusers Manual - hard to tell. I would recommend you seek out for former for thoughts on making bot PCs. I expect that updated mechanics for bot PCs may emerge in the future... but not just yet.

In the meantime, you could always scratch build your own rules - making the old edition of Acute Paranoia your reference.
I had hoped to include new rules for playing bot characters (modeled on Greg Costikyan's original rules in Acute PARANOIA, not on The Bot Abuser's Manual) in the forthcoming rules supplement Extreme PARANOIA. But I changed the plan and tightened the focus for Extreme -- it now concentrates on rules for playing (human) characters at all security clearances from ORANGE through VIOLET -- so I had to drop the bot rules.

Currently there is no room on the schedule either this year or in 2006 to do bot PCs. But I hope to get to it in 2007. Meanwhile, if you come up with an interesting system on your own, you might consider submitting it as an article to Signs & Portents magazine.