Borderer's Shot on the Run

I'm sure this is covered elsewhere on the forums, but I couldn't find an official ruling on this. The Borderer's second weapon style ability lists shot on the run as the archery feat, but there is no feat of that name in the book.

You can find the feat detailed in the d20 SRD:

It lets you make a single ranged attack during your move action instead of before or after it. It's very very useful, letting you stand in full cover (behind a tree for example) and then step out, fire and then move back to full cover. It makes archers very difficult to attack!

Just so there's no confusion: In Conan RPG, melee combatants can already attack during their move action but ranged fighters cannot -- likely because moving through melee (without special feats) provokes attacks of opportunities.

It's a shame that it was left out of the book -- for long time d20ers, oversights like this cause no problems but for people new to the system it must be disheartening. :(

It's possible that it was not intended to be a general feat but a class ability that they didn't document.
BhilJhoanz said:
It's possible that it was not intended to be a general feat but a class ability that they didn't document.

I'm guessing that's it. They had it as a feat but, like Mobility. decided to make it class-specific. Then they forgot to document what it does in the class section after they removed the feat. :roll:
But, if it is class specific, and it isn't in the book, I'm sure we are intelligent enough to look it up in another book. Very close to finding a word we don't understand and looking it up in a dictionary.

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I dont think shot on the run is class specific. It turns up in the list of feats that the Nomad can choose from as well. If you use the d20 version it needs mobility, just like whirlwind attack, as a prerequisite.
IMO that requiste needs to be changed to open the two feats up to the other classes and not force someone who wants to use them to have to be a 5th level barabarian or Nomad. I don't think adding mobility as a feat on its own is a good idea due to the improved and greater mobility class features which the character would get much earlier.
On the other hand the borderer does get access to shot on the run whithout having to worry about prerequisites.
Even if it's not a feat, all of the mobile-fighter classes can access it. Barbarians, Pirates and Nomads get Mobility as a class feature, and Borderers get Shot on the Run without dealing with the pre-reqs. Nobles and Soldiers generally wear heavy armor, and Scholars and Thieves don't really need the feat.