Borderer and Knowledge (Nature)


I am gearing up to run my first Conan campaign. Today, I was helping some players make up their first Conan characters.

It struck us all as extremely odd that Borderers (and Nomads) did not have Knowledge (Nature) as class skills. They both have Craft (Herbalism) as class skills that indicates that those classes indeed know about plants.

Is this covered in any Errata documents? Are there any Errata documents outside the FAQ PDF on the main page? Thanks.
Holy cow! :shock:
You know, I've been pouring over the rules for about 1.5 years now and this never occured to me. But then again, I haven't yet cooked up a Borderer PC yet. (I know, shame on me). :cry:

You're right: In addition to Know (geography) and (local) they logically should get Know (nature). That is an oversight of criminal proportions, IMHO.

Thank you for the heads up. 8)
Consider also that Borderers have Survival as a class skill, which is a sort of combination of Knowledge: Nature, Geography, Dungeoneering, arguably Weather as a catch-all skill. Since having 5 or more ranks grants a synergy bonus to Knowledge: Nature, I think the skill should be included in the Borderer class (p43 AE).

Note what Vincent Darlage writes about wilderness skills in Hyboria's Fiercest: "...various Knowledge skills do not offer enough mechanical benefits to reward investing many skill points into them...Several skills, however, are important...and should be be maintained at maximum levels at all times." *Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Spot, and Survival are stressed, and maybe Handle Animal and Ride depending on the character (race, background, class, etc.). (Hyboria's Fiercest, pg 54).

I think that's why. Sure, make the Nature skill a class skill, but that seems to be the game designers' rationale anyways. Hope this helps. :)
Kinda goes back to the thread about the Knowledge (local) skill. I think Knowledge (nature) should till be available to a Borderer.