Question.. mongoose.

i was wondering I know the next supliment is about armored companies. are you going to do a supliment for people who want to run NON mech and NON armor games.. I have a game inmind to use the universe but without mechs or tanks and the like atleast nothing the characters will use. the plan is they are working for a corperation as an elite squad of atleast the comapny calls them "Trouble Shooters" but instead they are technicly a bunch of what would be called a tactical squad that does the companys dirty work when they cant get officaly involved. IE Assination and Espiniage on fellow companies and the like.
The Soldier's Companion, listed in the Scheduled Releases section of the Mongoose site for a Decmber release, sounds like it might be what you're after. Though this is just going on its name, and its location within the list.
but instead they are technicly a bunch of what would be called a tactical squad that does the companys dirty work when they cant get officaly involved. IE Assination and Espiniage on fellow companies and the like.

You could look at Spycraft- it is a very solid d20 espionage game.

Hi guys,

If you are after espionage, assassinations and special forces in A2089, the Soldier's Companion, due in December, is indeed the book for you.

The Soldier's Companion, in a way, completes the initial run for A2089, as we will have detailed Meks, space warfare, tanks and finally spec ops/espionage. At this point we will take stock of A2089 and see how things should progress.

On the cards however, are a range of novels (we already have three written), graphic novels and possibly a miniatures game. So, I guess it is time to ask what you chaps would like to see in this game during 2004. . .
msprange said:
So, I guess it is time to ask what you chaps would like to see in this game during 2004. . .

If the Kazakhstan book sold/sells well, then I would like to see similar books on other regions of the world.

A detailed look at one of the mek schools with rules for running students and adventure ideas would be nice.

The flip side of that is a book on all the schools/training facilities- each having providing benefits/drawbacks for going through.

Rules on how to run massive battles- or at least, how to run a session around the pc's in a massive battle could be interesting.

While I dread metaplots- how about an annual that moves the universe a year into the future? It could cover story advancement, new technologies implemented, and adventure ideas.

1. miniatures.
2. more background for characters, perhaps EF, US, and Tiger source books?
3. miniatures.
4. battle mats - perhaps a (cheap) downloadable set of maps that we can print out ourselves and mix/match to create terrain. Urban, Rural, Wasteland, and more possible.
5. miniatures.
Elfman said:
1. miniatures.

I mentioned this in another post, but for those who can't not paint or put miniatures together- it would be nice to see color counters as Fiery Dragon puts out. Though these would need facing marked on them.

It would also be a nice cheap way of doing large scale battles.

Hi, Team Mongoose!

For the year 2004 I`ve many wishes, perhaps you can realize them!

(1) First of all new technologies (new weapons, meks,U-meks, supertanks etc.) will be developed, because of a massive arms race between US, EF and Tiger Combine.

(2) The political situation, front-lines, treaties etc. will be changed. According to this new facts, new supplements could be released (A.:2090)

(3)Last but not least I want to say that a miniatures - game in the A2089-universe would be great.

(4)I`ve posted the following idea: Extend the universe. Colonies (EF and US) on the moon should be founded. New rules and technology (meks/weapons) for the fight on the moon could be established....

Have a nice :p
Hello Mongoose !!!

In addition to the last posts i also like to present my wishes for 2004:

Besides all the normal stuff (new meks, classes, story progression,...) i'm thrilled about the following ideas:

First a miniatures game would be absolutely great, but i would suggest prepainted figures - optionally for the not-so-talented (like me - my warhammer figures just look, well, awful)

Second books (with a main storyline, not just shortstories nobody cares about) would really be the meat in your already great universe.

And at last i have a new suggestion and would like to know your opinion on this idea: What about a computer/videogame ?
Before you start laughing out loud let me explain. You don't have to make it yourself, but perhaps you could give the license to a real computergames developer (just like the new Judge Dredd-game from Rebellion, that's coming out next month - i'm damn thrilled about it).
In the arm2089-universe it shoul be a meksimulation game with heavy emphasis on real physics, stealth/group tactics and managing your squad.
In my opinion now it would be a good time to do such a game, because there is no real competition at present (heavy gear and mechwarrior series on the pc are canceled at least for now. And on the xbox there is just steel battaillon, which is horribly expensive and not available anymore - i tried to get one, but no steel battaillon ever reached Austria)
I know i'm dreaming, but i just like to hear, what you think about this idea...
Just one thing at the moment, as I'm sure much of what I might suggest is already covered in the books that are out/coming out. A book covering sea technologies, not just meks that can operate under water, but naval vessels and other technology that could be used to defend costal areas from incursions.

Someone mentioned it above, briefly, when they said U-meks, but a wide ranging book on the oceans in general would be good. It'd also mean you've covered all the main types of warfare.

Two things actually.. any more and this starts to take on a feel of the Inquisition sketch. The wargames rules that are mentioned in the core A2089 book, it would be rather nice to see those available as well, even if there's no actual figures to go with them. At least to start off with. Card counters, with pics of the meks on them, would work well for basic games, and could also be used to help with combat in the rpg.

However, I'm not keen on the pre-painted figure's that have been suggested by some of the others.
how about ither a book or a web supliment on the differnt Mega stile corperations that are out there since i know the US is very much controled by the corps since the current pres was pushed by a corperation.
A computer game would rule. Frankly the latest Mechwarrior title was terrible, they dumbed down the mech creation bits too much. What the world needs is a mech sim with decent rules and a modern graphics/physics engine. You've got the rules now go find an engine. :D
I'd like to see area/adventure books on

1. English civil war

2. SW US/Mexico/Central America

as these seem to be pretty hot areas for action

After High frontier comes out i'll see if my ideas for the moon and mars type actions are do able :D
1. More info on the UK would be good.

2. "Opposition" style Information. Quick NPC's Groups etc.

3. More Mek designs. I know there are plenty out there, but to be quite honest there need to be more "Standard" Meks available. Hell, I'll write'em up if i can get someone to quickly block up some illustrations (cool illustrations though. Although I like the style of a lot of the Meks, Stat-wise at least, and I appreciate the dedication to the production of good CG for the art, I'm kinda at a loss to explain the fact that the only damn Mek I would Pilot (if choosen for purely aesthetic values) would be the Assassin. Lovely Mek. Absolutely love the design, although I'd strip out the stats and make it a bit more crunchy.
Hi, Team Mongoose!

You asked, which products we want to see next year.

What`s about a supplement, dealing with secret mek prototypes. Those prototypes have never seen combat. Perhaps you can add some new mek factories - there are several powers (f.e. Israel/India/Russia), which have to import meks....India or Russia could construct very cheap ones and Israel struggles to build up their own mek industry (perhaps with military help of the US). :p
I think it would be a natural development, that more and more countries/corporations start to produce new mekdesigns as the required technology becomes cheaper and spreads over the world (as it's - unfortunately - nowadays with the technology of nukes). So countries like Russia, India or especially Israel (in its isolated and threatened position) should have strong interests in getting an own mek-indutsry.
I also think, that these "newcomers in mek-production" should have some really innovative and nasty ideas about mekdesigning - think u-meks, suicide meks camouflaged as expansive big-badass-meks luring enemies into traps,....
Perhaps you can realize some of these - in my opinion - logical steps in mek-development !
Hi, Team Mongoose!

In my last post Í `ve forgotten one big global arm trader - the nordic league......neutral, industrialized and a big history in arms - making and dealing.....a genius mixture for future mek industries.

Beside Israel or India - there is Korea, which is highly isolated - their only ally is thousands miles away - their numerous enemies are next to the country. I guess that they will have only one chance to survive - build up an own warmek - industry!

I hope you can realize some ideas......!
Have a nice day! :p
Hi, Team Mongoose!
I just want to quote "Earth: 2089" supplement: underway to develop air-mobile Meks...."

So.... :p .....I`ve got a question; what are air-mobile Meks.....Meks,which can be transported by air force or meks, which are able to conquer the sky like FLUM`s in the old battletech universe.

Have a nice and hot night 8)