Hey all!

I've been reading this site for a few weeks now and have gotten some great tips for my Conan game.

I have a question that you all may be able to answer. If a noble character wanted to purchase a few bodyguards, how much would that cost him? Would it be like purchasing a Merc?

I'm thinking these will be very loyal bodyguards and am unsure how to go about telling this player where he could obtain them.

Has this been covered in a sourcebook?

Any help is appreciated!

The easiest way to get loyal bodyguards is through the Leadership feat.

Other NPC purchases are covered in Messantia and Tito's Trading Post. Mercenary costs are covered in The Free Companies.

As GM, I would just use the High Living Rule (page 122 of AE) to cover the cost of a bodyguard or two and not worry about the precise sp cost.