BF:EV Infantry Question

Mac V

It just hit me that the real test of these new minis will come with the infantry. The MI uniforms ar fairly basic. How are the Marines going to look? Their camo pattern is pretty small. I would be pretty disappointed if they came in just brown or green BDU's.
Well it is said, that the prepainted models are supposed to look better than 80% of us can paint.

So they really have to make that camo pattern, cause if it came a in a simple brown, it would mean instant failure on that promise.....90% of us can paint simple brown......
While patterns like the US Woodland and Tri-Color Desert patterns in use by the US Army would be easy to replicate. It would be interesting to see if they can replicate digital patterns like MARPAT, ACU or CADPAT
Would be interesteng to see if they could recreate the Swedish Spilnter camo :twisted:

Anyhow, I think they know what they're talking about.