Bedlam in Blackcliffe

Hi Guys & Gals,

This has been out for awhile now with little activity on the sales front. Is it too expensive? If so, what do you guys consider a fair price? A little feedback would be helpful...
I somehow missed this until now....not sure how.

So $2.50 equates to £2.05 currently. That's not an unreasonable amount but with the current descriptive text and preview on DTRPG I would be hesitant to buy it. Here is why:

From the description and preview this small town sounds like it is part of a much bigger world that I (as GM) would potentially need to know about in order to run a game in. The description needs to specify if this a small-world setting, if there are further adventures that expand from this one town if the need arises and if everything I might need to know about the 'outside world' is in this document.

Also, it doesn't say if this is for already established characters, what sort of characters they need to be and what sort of setting this is (ie "A traditional 16th century, human only scenario"). Or does it come with pre-gen characters inside? Does it include a "quick char-gen how-to"?

Give as much info about this as possible so a potential buyer knows who it is for, what they need to do to run it, and what sort of scenario they can expect it to be.

I hope that helps a little :)
Good points Bifford.

I thought I had most of it covered in the text box detailing what a Legendary One Shot is supposed to be, i.e. ideal as side trek adventure, placed in any setting by changing the details and so on, as well as the introductory paragraphs regarding Blackcliffe. Perhaps I assumed too much and should've been clearer in giving options for changing the details to suit existing settings and that the place names used in the scenario could be treated as 'placeholder' names as they are more to give an indication of the plot and motivation of the antagonists, i.e. death cultists from an expansionist, neighbouring country et al. PS: They will be used in my OGL setting that hopefully will be published one day, either via Mongoose as an official Legend source book or independently - I have to finish my Cities of Legend title first and then I'll pitch the setting book to Matt and see what happens.

I should've included some information regarding adventurer capability though, that was most certainly an omission.

In your opinion, would it be better to state the above in a re-write of the introduction and hence thePDF preview of the scenario - which will obviously delay the process, or just add that info to the preview text on DTRPG which will be a whole lot easier and quicker!
I read that info box and it is a good addition. But someone has to want to load the preview first to then read that and the other text.

So most certainly add/change the dtrpg text.

And maybe a brief back cover splurdge?
Hi DJ,

I visited the forum with some Xoth news. I've recently made a purchase of your Blackcliffe publication and will give my thoughts shortly. The cover art was nice, I thought it reminded me of what Immryr would look like if Lord Arkyn got his white hands upon it... :lol:
Hi Tarkhan,

Thanks for buying it, I hope you like it.

I was thinking more Dhakos actually… :D I really wish it could've been published as originally written for the Elric game.
DamonJynx said:
Cheers mate. I'll see what I can do. As you can tell, I'm very new to this self-publishing thing.

Happy to help :)

Updated blurb on Drivethru is much better info wise! :)
Updated Drivethru RPG product listing:

Blackcliffe, the Fortress City, capital of Anglsea, a city whose rugged beauty rivals that of Danzipa, the City of Trances, is under threat. Deathsinger cultists plot to weaken the city from within by fomenting a war amongst the merchants, leaving Blackcliffe ripe for invasion. The streets will run with the blood of the innocent unless the adventurers are able to defeat the cultists.

Bedlam in Blackcliffe is a short scenario for the Legend game, suitable for a party of 4-6 moderately experienced adventurers. Ideally, each adventurer’s primary skills, i.e. combat or professional skills, should be around the 70-80% range. It is easily used with most D100 games with little or no work required.

The scenario is written for Swords & Sorcery styled games but can be easily adapted to any fantasy style or time period. Enterprising Games Masters may like to flesh out the greater world hinted at in the adventure to suit their groups tastes or can slot Blackcliffe into their own campaign worlds changing the names as appropriate.

The scenario also contains a Cult to pit against the adventurers and a number of statistic blocks for typical NPC's and of course, the major villain and his henchman.

Blackcliffe, Karimor and San Pell will feature in an upcoming OGL setting for the Legend game - stay tuned!
Finally managed to buy this.

However I have a number of other items that need reading before this can be properly looked at. Happy to help your coffers at christmas however :)