Basing Centauri Vorchan-class Warships


I've got six Vorchans that need basing. The sicket for the stand is on the vertical wing, but as always it's too narrow and shallow for the peg to fit into. I don't think drilling into it is a good idea, since the socket bulges out of the wing for only a few mm, and the peg is 5mm long. It's 2mm wide but drilling a hole into the socket would probably damage the wing.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Many thanks for any tips.
While all of mine are the old AOG models they are the same. I ended up drilling mine out. I also used a fine bit and used a piece of paperclip to pin them to the flight stand. It is a pain but mine have lasted for many years this way.
I'd go with the drill and pin paperclip method, I've had several minis survive several years and many bounces but still stand strong using this method.
That's it, I'm doing my barrel clasp how-to this week. :)

It works great on the Vorchans since I glue one end of the clasp to the bottom of the tail, then the other half inside a small bit of tubing. Then drill a hole in the flying stand for the tube to replace the original post.

James / Nezeray