Background skills for variant races...


Hiyas all! I love the game, and am attempting to create a character, but have a fairly basic question. The book seems unclear, and I couldn't find this on the boards or faq, so...

When you create a character using a varient race, do you get both the original and variant races background skills? Common sense would seem to indicate no, but the rules seem to say that *everything* overlaps, except for languages and special case stuff.

Example- Hyborian-->Gunderman. Do I get 4 background skills + 2 background skills + Craft: Weaponsmithing, or just 2 background skills + Craft: Weaponsmithing?

Any help clarifying would be greatly appreciated!
You get whatever the primary race is unless superseded by the variant race.

In the case of the Gunderman, you get two background skills and Craft(weaponsmith). Those supersede the generic Hyborian background skills. You still get Adaptability and Weapon Familiarity (greatsword).