Babylon 5 fleet

Denny crane

Hey every one first post on this place ever so I am not sure what response to get but anywho. I am interested in getting a Babylon 5 fleet. I was thinking earth alliance or minbari fleet can you give me the advantages and disadvantages of both please. I was also looking at the vorlons because I just love them on the program.
Welcome to the addiction. I would say what you buy depends on how you intend to play, me I went all out and bought 6 fleets plus a couple of reinforcement boxes, but I'm a full blown addict. I would buy whay you love, I also love the Vorlons & Minbari and play them as well as the other fleets. It all boils down to personal taste for friendly games or what the guys here have posted as the competetive fleets.
what i wanted to know was how good the weapons and the type of things id have to do to gain a victory with one of the fleets, to see what best suited me
Commander sampson said:
what i wanted to know was how good the weapons and the type of things id have to do to gain a victory with one of the fleets, to see what best suited me
As I say to everyone who asks, buy the game, play with the counters included, and choose a fleet AFTER you've tried them all. That's what the counters are for. Don't waste money until you know for yourself what fleet suits you.

Well, what do you want in a fleet?

Power? Speed? Armor? Range? Maneuverability? Balance? Selection? Any combination of them?

One thing I don't suggest... getting a fleet because they were your favorite on the show. I am a complete B5 fan and pray to JMS periodically, but the fleets on TV are sometimes not the fleet here.

Give us the kind of traits you want and we will see what fleet best conforms to you.
vorlons are powerful, more so with the new armageddon supplement but dont get any ships with that until raid level. they have nasty weaopns, all beams but all weapons fire forwards. also adaptive armour and self repair on all ships can make them very survivable.

the minbari are a standoffish race, using their beams and mini beams, ignoring interceptors whilst hiding under their stealth. some very good weapons but if they get hit back they have alot lower damage thresholds than most the other races.

EA are the jack of all trades, they have pretty powerful beams but they are all boresighted. they use alot of missiles at certain levels which can be very dangerous. they tend to have god solid ships with all round firepower if not a bit slow, also alot of ships have interceptors for defense. they can be one of the most powerful fleets if built and used right, or one of the weakest if not. also alot of ships have fighters, nova dreadnought is good example, riad level ship with all round firepower and 4 fighter flights.
Commander sampson said:
i would like a fleet that can take a lot of damage but can also give a lot of damage out.
Hmm, sounds like possibly the Narns might be for you. They are slow anf hard to manourve but they are tough as bricks and covered in guns.

Wulf Corbett is right though, try out some practice games with the counters first to make sure you like a fleet before spending money on the models.
Well, my personal suggestion is EA then. They are simple, balanced and offer a WIDE selection of ships.

They have all around fire power, high armor and heavy weapons in primary arcs. Of course, they do suffer maneuverability issues... as to be expected.