B5 station map jpeg?



I just picked up the pocket edition of the B5 rulebook and noticed that the large images of the local systems circa 2258 as well as the station map of Babylon 5 are not included - fair enough of course! Wouldn't want them in teeny black and white anyway...

I'm happy printing out the system map jpeg as presented on Mongoose's site. However, I would like to be able to have a similarly printed map of the station, as seen in the shiny colour rulebook.

Would it be possible to stick the B5 map up on the site, pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top?

Also: The Mongoose Pocket Players' Handbook is a suitablestand-in for the WoTC Players' Handbook referred to in the B5 book, correct?



mthomason said:
What LBH just said!
You snooze, you lose MT.

Also, somewhere in one of the previews is the cutaway of the Fury. I need to print that one out on A3 at work one day.

Or even better, zoom it up onto the 45" wide roll plotter!!!

well i now have a print off of it in A4 size.........

Hmmmm that reminds must go remind people they owe me characyer ideas.
lastbesthope said:
omegar said:
well i now have a print off of it in A4 size.........

Trust me dude, A3 is so much better!


well i don't have an A3 printer, and the only place i know that does would charge me ten Yoyos (euros....same difference really)