B5 Online Game (looking for GM - free rulebook)


(For the more observant amongst you, yes - this is indeed just a slightly edited version of the post I've stuck in the Runequest forum)

Just wondering what the interest would be in a play-by-post B5 (2nd edition) game? I'm thinking of opening up an area for online RPing on our new magazine site and it'd be nice to get B5 represented on there.

Actually... if theres any experienced B5 GMs out there that would like to run it - we'll provide you with moderator ability on a message board and some webspace, and I'll even stretch our generosity to a free copy of the B5 2nd edition rulebook*. Obviously we're only looking at people who are serious about this if they want to GM - you'll have to maintain online player resources and devote as much time and effort as you would for a "real" B5 campaign. A GM would have to have a decent command of the english language (if anyone actually applies in textspeak I won't even bother replying to say "no thanks"...), so a quick sample of writing (a paragraph or two) would be good in your application. The game would have to be "observable" by the world in order that it can be used in a demo context (and thus benefit the game as a whole)

Obviously this is all dependent on there being enough interest to get the game running in the first place

Please email me at matt@dancingdryad.com if you'd be interested in playing (or of course GMing) - feel free to reply here but please email as well so I don't miss it...

* - or, if you prefer (and probably will as you've probably got the 2nd ed already) £25 of store credit (note that postage comes out of the £25 though)
I'm more interested in playing.

I am running a B5 campaign on yahoo at the b5_rpg group. If anyone is interested in playing there drop me an e-mail at