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Hi guys,

The official FAQ is now up and running at http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/babylon5/downloads.php

Hope this helps!


I have an issue with one of the Q&As. The Q&A states that Garibaldi is not an Earthfroce officer and has no official rank. This is incorrect. Garibaldi is an EarthForce NCO. His rank is stated in the episode "Cerimonies of Light and Darkness." While resetting the computer codes, he states his full rank as "Chief Warrant Officer."

This rank is not in common use, but is basically a high ranking NCO. The rank is designed to give a senior NCO the authority to deal with true officers on a more even basis, rather than having to salute and say yes sir no sir everytime he meets an ensign, which would be a big problem for a member of the senior staff.

Garibaldi finally does leave EarthForce and become a civilian in the 4th season, shortly after the Shadow War ends. Captain Lackley makes a big deal over this when he tries to help out the Interstellar Alliance in Season 5 until Sheridan officially gives him the role of head of covert ops.


Mmmm, you're right PottsBR.

Nevertheless, thanks to the Great Maker ! The FAQ is appreciated.

Next on my wish list (yeah I know I ask a lot); it would be great to have a master index as a PDF or XLS or when all the books are out. That's a long term project that could be started now to save time later. That would help to find topics that are covered in several sourcebooks.