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Hi all,
I have made some rules so it'll be possibly to play d20 level free, for those of you that doesn't like level based games (like me). Since it's not possibly to upload here (at elast, not what I noticed anyway), let me know if any of you would like to take a look at my little work.

It's 15 pages (word document), but the 3 first pages is just a front page and index. So it's 12 pages with alternate rules, so it's not that much to read. Since I have done it myself I have probably missed a thing or two and I would therefore appreciate if someone would like to take a look at it.
Hey, Tegman, I would like to read your work.
You can send it at my e-mail, which you can find after my sig.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks Tegman, it's really an interesting piece of work!
However, I noticed that you treat the class abilities just like ordinary feats. As they get stronger as they progress, I think a good alternative would be to increase the price in CBP just like the Fu paths in Feng Shui*. For instance, for each new class ability (which you'd still need to get in order from weaker to strongest), you would have to pay 5 + X, with X being the number of class abilities you will have when you gain the new one.

*BTW, what are your influences ? I guess GURPS, but what else ?

And if ShadowScout is still around, maybe he can give us an update on his GURPS conversion. As I just received my brand new 4th edition Basic Set, I'm all for a B5 conversion.

Once again, thanks Tegman for the great ideas.
do you mean the class feats that get a +1, +2 etc bonus?

I have never read a GURPS rulebook or played it, most of my influences come from a Swedish rpg called Western, maybe Westerns creators have been influenced by GRURPS? :D

If some people want to use the rules, but like hit points more, then just make a skill, say Body build or something, as a new class skill for all classes. And for each rank in it, give the character his class HP gain, that way you simulate HP increase with experience (I'll put it on my rules as extra rules).

I also noticed that I forgot about the DC save vs telepaths, in the level version they add their class level to the targets DC to resist telepathy. I'll make that a skill too, a new class skill for telepaths, dunno what to call it, maybe just Telepathic attack or something.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it up and we might get a final version really soon :D

I'll post when I have updated and changed the versions, so you can download the new one.
Tegman said:
do you mean the class feats that get a +1, +2 etc bonus?
Well, every additional class ability or feat should get a higher price tag than the one before, to simulate the cost increase in XP at higher levels. This is meant to simulate the fact that the higher you advance in training, the more difficult it get to see any significant improvement (just ask an olympic level athlete).

Let's say you have a lurker (the character concept, not the class) and he has 30 CBP that he want to use. He already have 9 feats or class abilities, so the cost for a new feat or his next class ability would be 5 (base cost for any feat) + 10 (the number of feats he'll have after adding this new one), for a total cost of 15. That would left him with 15 CBP left, 1 point short for another feat, because the next one will cost 16 pts (5 + 11). It's a little hard to explain but not that complicated when you've figured it out.

Tegman said:
I have never read a GURPS rulebook or played it, most of my influences come from a Swedish rpg called Western, maybe Westerns creators have been influenced by GURPS? :D
It's definitely a great system, giving you total control over character creation and development. The downside is that it takes some time to generate a full-blown character, given the tons of options.
I see what you mean, but I chose not to do that. Instead I decided that you had to have the saves approximately at the rank as in the level rules before being able to buy a certain class feat (provided that you have all class feats before that one). And I wont give out so much CBP for each adventure, that way, skill and save progression will slow down, but not to buy new skills, and therefore the class feats will take longer time to learn.

The ordinary feats is a different matter, but if a player is only allowed to use maximum 4 CBP on feats between adventures (including class feats), and max 2 of those on one feat, then they wont be able to speed buy ordinary feats either. And to prevent players to learn several feats after a while, say they put one CBP in 4 different feats, then after 5 adventures they'll suddenly know 4 ordinary feats, you can say that they can only learn one feat between adventures (you could allow one class feat too, since the prerequisits will not make it possibly to get several of those at once). That way they can put out CBP on feats, but will have to choose which one to learn after a while, then wait and learn next etc.

Well, it certainly isn't easy to change something :shock: I get more and more to think on :D

Oh, and please let me know if any of you find anything grammatically wrong in my rules (and spelling), english is not my native tounge (I'm from Sweden).
I have updated my rules with the rule where you can use hit points instead of wound levels, if you prefer that instead, and how to use the Telepahic skill instead of class skill when a target makes a save vs. a telepathic ability.

Has anyone tried out my rules? I haven't had the time, yet, since I have been running 3 other games campaigns But I would really like some response to the rules that I have made, if anyone has gone through them, that is :)

I finished my Vampire the masquerade chronicle this weekend, so I will take a break from that, and hopefully I can try out my rules early next year, but if anyone find anything strange or perhaps a rule or two need an example to become clearer, then I would appriciate if you posted it here or mailed me.

Thanks for you time.