Augmentation - It is a bit light... here are some ideas:


Cosmic Mongoose
Aslan Cyber-Claw:
TL13 variant that makes the Claw a Monoblade equivalent (3D AP10). Cr. 100,000

Internal Auto-Injector
At TL10, stores any 1 chosen drug to be administered either on demand on an established trigger event (e.g. dying). With each TL increase, increased the storage dosage by 2. Multiple drug types may also be stored. Cost is Cr50,000 + 10,000 per TL over 10.

Stabilization System
This TL14 whole body augmentation turns fatal injuries into second chances. When the traveller would normally be killed, a potent mix of chemicals and nanobots are released to stabilize the individual, restoring Endurance to 1D points. The traveller usually regains conciousness shortly although this system cannot work miracles, so it will not work on a traveller that has taken 20+ points of damage past their threshold. MCr 1

Enhanced Vision:
A TL14 version that doubles the price but adds more frequencies of visibility (e.g. Ultraviolet/X-ray).

Enhanced Hearing:
TL 13 Adds sonar/echolocation-like capability to give perfect sight-like function even in total darkness darkness. Also grants protection from sonic weapons. Cr350,000

Augment-Hidden Compartments:
From finger tip to something in the side or back, allowing hidden/smuggled items (from bullet sized, to grenade sized!)

Cerebral Augments:
Improved brain function and cognitive abilities - adds a +1/+2 to all EDU rolls (TL12/TL14) - Expensive, perhaps 1 MCr and 3 MCr

Complex Cranial Processing Unit:
A TL14 augment that provides a +1 DM to all profession and science skills that require complex calculations. This may also apply to certain academic uses of Astrogation, Engineering and similar skills. Cr 250,000

Pain Dampener:
At TL12, allows the traveller to remain conscious even after all 3 physical stats reduced to 0. After which the traveller will die as per normal. At TL14, the traveller still becomes unconcious after the 3 physical stats are reduced to 0, but will not die until another 10 points of damage are taken. Cr 150,000 and MCr 0.5 respectively

Performance Booster:
At TL13, this augmentation allows for enhanced physical performance through artificial tissue growth and blood-flow to key areas of the body. +1 all Athletics & Melee skills (MCr 1)

Reaction Enhancer:
TL12 body augment. Grants a Boon to all Initiative checks and a +1 to Gun Combat skills. MCr 1.

Skill Augmentation:
Lets limit this to 3 skills at one time or so. Otherwise we'll start seeing those 15 skill augmentation guys due to the relative cheapness of this implant.

Spit System:
Gland implanted in the upper neck stores 3 doses of pre-determined compound. Working with an augmented tongue, the spit can be hurled up to 10-yards. TL12, Cr.100,000

Posh Augmentation Suite:
A full body augment available at TL 12 that improves the social abilities of the traveller. By enabling their ability to be more articulate & empathic, the the traveller can establish rapport more quickly an effectively. Grants +1 DM to all social skill rolls. MCr 1.


Thats all I have off the top of my head :)


Don't know about that, but I have added your original post to my collection :D Of course, some will be modified to be more in tune with the rest of the overall balance level