Hiho all, I got myself the Armageddon main rulebook and the warmek and tank supps.

I love the background and the rules.

Now a few questions :D

How is the mission reward for a merc company supposed to work?

I understand that the final number is multiplied by the number of warmeks to be used.
So i think a number of 50k would be appropriate for a mission multiplied by 4 for the number of warmeks used. That gets me 200k for the mission, which sounds pretty nice as I want to include transportation to and from the mission. Now what bugs me is that the rulebook suggests using missles for the first few missions until the pilots get better.
So a Lancer costs 125k which means that like most of the money is down the drain without getting a secured kill on a enemy mek.

Am i missing something obvious?

(oh and how do range increments work? i only possess 3ed dnd rules in the form of a computer manual that coveres nearly everything just not that :S Temple of elemental evil Nice game :D)
It's meant to keep the players on a pretty tight budget.

I find that in early missions, it's easier to give them a little more leeway.

They need transport crew? Let them hire the dregs at a discount, and lower the stats.

You can cut corners here and there, reason things a little cheaper, and give them a bit if a break.

After the first couple of missions though, really make them think about what they're doing.

If they belw all the money you let them get while giving them a chance, then they blew it.

Alternatively, I just double whatever they don't spend at creation to have as an operating fund. This takes the pressure of massively for the first couple of missions.

Keeps them in ammo, and lets you beat them up whilst they have a cushion of sorts. :twisted:

Little tweaks, that's all its about, little tweaks. :wink:
Ahh so i should cut the costs of lancers a bit at first? Or force em into close combat with cannons and steel armor flying around. As long as the meks dont go down or lose equipment I have a feeling that that is quite a bit cheaper than chugging Lancers around.

(it simply bugged me that playing straight from the book simply doesnt cut it at first.) And i dont want them to feel like theyre getting the short end of the stick, which would prolly really put em off. It would do that to me, as i keep a good eye on stuff like money.

Transport I want to be supplied by the employer at first, so they cant get it to places I dont want it to be.

Ahhh second question that came up. How many missions do you give em per month?
Employer supplied tranpsort is an excellent cost saver.

Discounting the Lancer is something I probably wouldn't do so much, unless they came second hand.

Maybe you could give them a discount in the form of a contact at a arms dealership.

Or they buy surplus materials.

As for missions, some go for longer than a month depending on the contract.

Maybe some bigshot once a port garrisoned for a few days while they have a big shipment come through.

That's some easy cash assuming no fights.

Then maybe they impress the guy so much, he stations them on a two month contract at the same port. Not as much money vs time ratio, but they have an income.

Plus, they can subcontract assets as secondary stuff. Basically means you can use Unit A on a mission, but if they contract is called in, you'll have to pull it out of the mission. Something like a retainer for a lawyer.

Any of that help?
Thx. alot for all that help :D

This really helps me along. Seems i was led astray by Mongoose's comment on using missles during the first few mission :D

And i totally discounted easy garrison duty. It simply doesnt get much publicity like combat duty but it sure pays off.