r05c03 said:
Is it me, or did the Argosseans get shorted on the race abilities?

How so? As a sub-race of Hyborian, they get all the Hyborian traits (adaptability, weapon familiarity, fate point bonus), PLUS a racial bonus to four skills.

The only thing they don't get is the choice of background skills, and they lose the ability to have any class as a favoured class (pirate is their default favoured class). This offsets the racial bonus to skills (and with Conan's emphasis on skills, that is a heck of an enhancement, especially if you combine adaptability with those background skills (circumstance and racial bonuses stack).
What page is that the Hyborean subrace rule on? Granted, I was tired last night but I could not find that statment. what other races are Hyborean subraces?
Page 17, the important note under "Variant Races". A table is included on the same page which shows which races are variants of the others.