got the book and it is hardback with some sweet art

Anything else you can tell us?
Any additional info on the Bossonians and Gundermen? Any info on how is the daily life of an Aquilonian commoner/noble/soldier etc.? Is there a fully fleshed adventure?

The book seems promising, and as I really hope Vincent has pulled out some stuff like that found in Across the Thunder River. I usually find more interesting atmosphere than new rules & stats -though NPCs always come handy. AtTR nicely balanced those aspects. Is Aquilonia like this?
if you like data this is for you with more information than any sourcebook from mongoose I have seen ,it also has some lovely art but apart from the blow up of the area on the covers there is no maps,this is fine for GMs like me who draw there own maps but unlike thunder that side requires you do some work.

the details in the gazeteer are enough to gives you tonnes of ideas and the book has pages and pages of plot ideas some of which are very good
like the bit about the battle among is very good and a good read apart from maps cannot see any real problems will post more detail soon but hope that helps :D
Not one map? What about Poitain, Gunderland and the Bossonian Marches or even Tarantia?
I guess the intended cartographer was the same as the one responsible for the fake Shadizar map.
Thank goodness. I had noticed that it said softcover on the mongoose conan pages.

I can't wait to pick this up!
no problem the detail in the writing and the art make it a must buy as for picking it up early there has to be some advantages to living in swindon home of mongoose towers 8)