Aquilonia Gazetteer - rulers, fiefs, and tribute


Banded Mongoose
The Aquilonia sourcebook does a first rate job of detailing the culture within this feudal kingdom. I really like the description of taxes, manorial life, and write ups of the cities.

One thing I'm wondering about though are the values for ready cash, wealth limit and Income for the King/liege/lord. The monetary values appear to have been calculated from the process described in the DMG. However, the values are the same in terms of gp - just written up as silver pieces. With Conan being on a silver standard, shouldn't these values be divided by 10?


I'm guessing the reason for that is that in D&D gold pieces are used as "dollars" (or whatever currency), and in Conan, silver pieces are used instead.
Well, I got that. I think where my block originated is that I originally thought that the Conan money system made sp roughly comparable to D&D gp. If that was the case, then I expected to see the values listed in Aquilonia to be 1/10 of what they were. Now I came to this conclusion based on the different (yet more believable) weapon and armor prices in Conan. I'm thinking that I should compare the non-martial equipment to the D&D prices to see how much Conan's silver standard varies from D&D's gold standard.

Thanks for the feedback, though.

VincentDarlage said:
Well, a Greatsword in DnD costs 50 gp and in Conan it costs 1,000 sp (100 gp).

That's the kind of example that got me started on this road. I guess I just expected the Conan settlements to have less wealth (in terms of D&D gp) due to the silver standard and price differences. At the end of the day, though, it's not a big deal, just a curiosity.

Thanks for a great book, Vincent! This was the book that started my quest to purchase the entire line.