Anyone using Weathermaster for Conan?


Topic says it.

Weathermaster ( is a program that lets you import a map graphic and it will generate weather. I'm wondering if anyone's used it with the map of Hyborea and how they're using it in-game. I've used it in the past with D20 games for wilderness and pirate adventures and found it useful.

It also allows you to generate custom calendars and keep game notes. I'm using the calendar info from GURPS Conan; even though it's non-canon, there is no canon calendar so it really doesn't matter; my options were that or "month 1, month 2, etc" or "1st month of winter, 2nd month of winter, etc".
Same with years.

My main use for the calendar is to track the timeline of adventures and events. I'm not running a linear game; I'm jumping around the way Howard jumped around in telling the Conan tales. I had the players create multiple versions of characters at assorted levels. I started with them as 15th level characters, then jumped back to when they were 3rd level characters and just met, then back to 12th, and so on. We're having fun with it, they get to do things that foreshadow events of earlier adventures at higher levels.