Anyone know how to remove a 'pin'?


OK, I broke a pinned section of a mini. Not only did the joint go, but the pin snapped too. One section of the break, the pin broke clear and the fragment has disappeared. In the other section the pin is still in place, heald firmly with superglue.

Normally, I would just re-drill the joint and fit a new pin or two. However, this joint was holding a sword blade onto a wrist, and the existing pin took up most of the space.

Has anyone had any success in removing a broken pin? Or dissolving superglue? Or does anyone have any suggestions/ideas how I may go about either? The mini is one of Rackhams soft pewter ones.
Superglue will generally dissolve with a commercially available glue remover. Or you could try nail polish remover but make sure that it DOES contain Acetone. (Just don't use it on any plastic bits because they might melt.)
If it is a metal figure and joint you can soak it in Acetone to break down the superglue, I buy commercial grade Acetone by the gallon, it is cheaper and better.

A couple of serious warnings: Use lots of ventilation and be aware that Acetone is extremely flammable - so no open flames or sparks while using it.

The Acetone will also wipe out any paint it comes in contact with, Acrylic, Enamel etc.

Use it with real caution.

Another way to break down Superglue is with heat. The glue will usually break down between 350 to 450 degrees Farenheit. So you can use a soldering iron set much lower temp than the alloy melts apply the tip of the soldering iron to the pin once the iron is hot, apply for 20 to 30 seconds. Take the iron away grip the protruding pin with pliers and attempt to remove. It may take several applications of cautious heating to remove the pin.

Good luck, hope this has helped you.
Thanks for the info.

Its all metal which is good, and the only paint to worry about is an undercoat. Now all I need to do is get a hold of some acetone from somewhere.