Anyone got suggestions for how to use Centauri Haven

I did a swap recently, Got a Minbari Tinashi battle level ship and a couple of havens for an unassembled Omega I didn't want (they just look so ugly)

The Tinashi is fine, in fact I think I will buy another one.

The havens are really attractive little ships, but as far as I can see completely useless?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can best utilise them?

being a non centauri, i don't really know them, why specifically are they useless? do they have no guns, or narn-esque speed?
Theyre patrol lvl ships, ofc theyre useless ^^.

Initiative sinks are always useful, and then theres the roll for campaign games, duties table i think.
Great maker, that was exhausting...five days in a field in fancy dress with a foam greatsword and people think you're wierd. Back to steel next weekend.
Anyway, the Haven; it's a bad joke. It is in fact decently armed for it's level, good speed agility and dodge, but the total package is just more trouble to get the best out of than the result is worth, especially when you can get a stealthy, scout capable Corvan at the same level.
It's outclassed by another ship in the same fleet and PL, and the only reason to have them is the roll on Other Duties, where you basically use them to Manoeuvre to Shield. That's pretty much it.
In order to put your opponent off, use them as caltrops on his side of the table. Offer them as Ante? :lol:
As I see it the Haven needs more hit points and/or a higher dodge score to be a viable fleet unit. Even at patrol level games, fighters are going to be killing it...
Havens are there to look pretty. They don't actually do anything but they do look nice escorting your Primus.
Celisasu said:
Havens are there to look pretty. They don't actually do anything but they do look nice escorting your Primus.

Aye, but I am partial to the Vorchan. Don't ask me why... I just REALLY like them. I make an effort to have at least a wolf pack of three in every fleet I make. They are my "thing" I guess you could say.
Honest to god, I tried, but I can't find one redeeming use for this ship. Interceptors or Hull 5 .. or some range ... would have at least made it interesting. I get nothing from this.
I once tried them to get the drazi ships. The Theory was to get behind them and out turn them problem was they struggle to get behind them as they were dead. 6 crew is the absolute killer.
Manned target drones for the Narn? :twisted:

They're good if you get them from an Other Duties result, coz they're free, and not worth the Patrol point when you've got Corvans available.
I've used "3 packs" of Tethys missile boats from time to time...if they get ignored they can rattle some cages pretty well...if they get targetted...well then at least something else wasn't being fired on :twisted:
Fly Havens into the middle of enemy ships and then shoot them. Hopefully they'll explode taking out the enemy escorts!
I think these last two ideas both have considerable merit. Unfortunately you only do half the starting hull as damage to max of 10 and it doesn't have enough to damage a paper bag even when it blows up!

Would make a nice prize though...
You can get a pair of them free as a refit.
That's about it.

Essentially they're manouvre to **** them off! fodder and that's it. Given that they have to face off against the other low priority Centauri ships (corvan) which are more capable (corvan), it's hard to see a justification for taking them rather than spending points on something else (corvan).

If they came 2 to a patrol choice like civilian patrol boats, they'd be rather more threatening
(you think you can boresight me? Watch as I deploy my 5,473,562 gunboats of utter uselessness.......)
The Missile Tethys is one of the hidden gems of the EA fleet, as far as I'm concerned. Two on two alliance game, me and Craig against Neil and William, EA and Narn on one side, a Sag, a Nova, a Hyperion, two Olympus and four Missile Tethys (Neil) alongside a Narn fleet compsed of one G'Quan, a Dag'Kar, a Sho'Kar and four Ka'Tan (William, and I chose the fleet because he was about to take two G'Quan and two Rongoth- I wanted him to have a fighting chance)
against my Dilgar- four Targrath and four Omelos, and Craig's stunningly diverse Omega and Warlock.
I could have killed him for that fleet choice, especially as one of the Missile Tethys, on round 1, closed on the Warlock and put a 2-6 crit through the interceptors. Then, adding insult to injury, it moved round the Warlock's flank, survived repeated pulse salvos, and put another two missile volleys into it, withstanding all fire the 4 PL higher ship could put into the little thing. It actually survived- retreated off board, one of the few of the Army of Light who did.
Actually, that's probably the only use for the Haven- to block light attack units. The Corvan's four dice twin arrays don't make it a killer, nor does it's agility- the Haven is more offensive with it's matter cannon.
Oh, who am I kidding. It's a patrol boat. In fact, for some things the civilian patrol boat is more useful.