Any Word on Conan Quest?

mthomason said:
I believe the estimated "lifespan" of an RPG customer is about four to five years before they go do something else with their life. Those of us that have been at this for fifteen years plus are something of a rarity.

Crikey, I didn't realise most people gave it up that quick. Twenty three years gaming for me and still going, mind you I do have dice older than half of my current games group :shock: and even those sproggs have been in the group for 6+ years.

JohnLokiBeard said:
It's also worth remembering that - as far as I'm aware - Mongoose doesn't actually own the Conan universe, just currently has a [presumably time-limited] licence to produce a product based on the work. If Hasbro drive a dump-truck full of money into the Conan owners back yard, a D&D 4 CONAN is likely. :cry:

and what is the difference to the current state from the POV of a RQ fan? 3.5 or 4.0 OGL? One useless rule system replaces another useless system. :)
Enpeze said:
Mac V said:
Yeah, I can see a conversion book, but I can't see them stopping the whole line to convert to RQ. Dual stat books would be cool in the future though.

In the future I see 4.0. and maybe a pullback of the d20 OGL. So the decision to further cater the d20 fans could be a bad one in the long run. D&D could be a proprietary rule system again next year.


And to Dual stat? Meh.

D20, as in the System Trademark License, could be pulled, but the OGL is a case of the genii being out of the bag already.

They gave a transferable non-terminable right to use the SRD... one could reasonably argue that, if they pulled all the SRD and OGL support, that they have placed it into the public domain already.

So 4.0 being open or closed matters not. It probably won't make a whit of difference to the OGL environment, other than not being compatible with D&D4.x...