Any MI playing Lonewolf?


Are there any registered M.I. anywhere playing/demoing the The Lonewolf RPG? If so... where? and what exactly?

Perhaps if I knew what MI stood for (I'm assuming Mongoose Infantry, not that it helps me understand the question any better), I might answer. : )
Yes - are there any registered Mongoose Infantry members playing Lonewolf? Whether for demos, a home game, or campaign.

The Wolf said:
Tell me of this MI?

The Mongoose Infantry (M.I.) Demo Team is the official demo team for Mongoose Publishing products (both miniatures and RPGs). The M.I. is currently divided into two major Armies - North America led by myself (the U.S. Sky Marshal) and the rest of the world led by U.K. Sky Marshal Marc Farrimond.

The M.I. is an authorized group of individuals that go to FLGS, Conventions, etc. in their area and demo MGP games to draw both interest and inevitably sales. Exposure is our main focus so demos can also be - if authorized by your Sky Marshal - held at games clubs, scout meetings, church picnics, etc.

If you're interested, go here:

We're always look for more dedicated souls... and remember... Service Guarantees Citizenship!
Thanks very much for the information, and I have passed that link around a few of my contacts who have a lot of the Mongoose books. I have also filed the information for myself.

I would be very interested to know if any of the MI guys downloaded and used Port Bax in their Lone Wolf adventures, if that information comes to light at any time :)

Much oblidged!

I'm in the UK and might be able to do a demo or two, but at the moment a lot of my time's taken up with working on S&P submissions, other writing and my second novel.

Of course depending how things pan out in the next few months, some of my projects will be shuffled/dropped entirely. I do have a reputation though of being a WarpSpeed writer.

Love the SST quote as well, one of my all time favourite Sci-Fi books/movies/series.

OT: Have you tried the PC game?