Alternate Skill Point Advancement


Of course, I am sampling (another word for 'ripping-off') this from BRP CoC, but, do you think this would work?

Much like BRP, every time a PC succeeds at any skill roll, he 'checks' that skill. When he advances a level, those skill are treated a class skills, and allowed a 1 to 1 point allocation. Any skill not checked is treated as a cross-class skill.

Very basic, and, much like real life, the character develops not because of what he wants to be, but what occurs in their life. For example, as a Medieval Lit major, I might be limited to Knowledge(Lit) skill as class skills. However, I have spent my lprofessional ife as a Nuke Engineer on a sub and a programmer. My skill set is very different than my class (or, did I multiclass :shock: )

Also, much like real life, hands on experience is worth much more than 'classroom' training.

The only exemption to this is when the PC actually creates an inventive back story about how he trained on his off time. Of course, that would cost some money and creativity. Stating that "I am going down the street to the local Soldier Community College and getting my BA in climb" doesn't work.

My major concern is class balance. I know that SRD D&D uses the number of class skills as a balance mechanism. A Conan soldier class could end up with much the same skill set as a thief, and vice versa.

I know this is pushing towards the anarchy of a classless RPG (by the way, my favorite).

Also, in some past thread, one of the Mongoose people stated that in the next version of Conan, there would be no class skills.

Any input? Any experience with this?
Well, as I stated, this is liberally flavored 8) by Chaosium's Call of Cthulthu, BRP version. The WOTC D20 implementation didn't use it, but, I really fell in love with it. And also their level-less system.

As far as any D20 system using it, I am unsure.
Ghost, Skill checks are part of the Chaosium system that was used with both CoC and RuneQuest (among others). This system was also levelless as well as classless

As to the original post, I like that idea. I also prefer a classless system and therefore anything that breaks down the class barrier, I like. In the environment of a level system, it should still stay somewhat balanced as the skill points of the classes are not equal. The soldier still makes out better than others this way though. He gets shafted in both points and skill list. This removes his list restriction, while other classes do too, they already have a broader spectrum for which to chose so the change is not as great for them.
Odovacar's Ghost said:
I definately know it wasn't a D20 system. I want to say 1st edition Rolemaster, or maybe Dangerous Journeys. Oh, well.

Pendragon rpg by Chaosium works this way: every time you succeed in a skill (a critical), it is checked, and at end of game year you advance during winter phase if a d20 roll<= the skill value, in which case it goes up by one. (And there were other options to get a handful of skill points to place elsewhere).

Pendragon is one of my favorite games, beautiful because it's all about role playing. Anyway, that may be the system you're trying to place.