Has anyone made use of Allegence yet? I plan on GMing a session this month and I can't see why anyone would bother with Allegence. I may just get rid of it. Any good uses for it?
My current group all have an allegience to their family, as they are predominantly noble, I haven't used it yet but it gives fluff to the party and they will soon get rewarded for duty above and beyond, that sort of thing.

Even though i wouldn't get a benefit for it if ever i get to play, instead of GM my char will prolly have a allegience depending upon who i am playing...

For example

Thespien the Aquilonian soldier will have an allegience to king and country, at least until conan comes along ;)

Where as a hard bitten mercenary wouldn't

I just use them as roleplaying Tools
I mean that even if there are disadvantages, i will play it even if it fits the char, even if it means he himself is rubbish
I give a minor bonus for allegiences - nothing like as big as "code of honour", but I give a +2 bonus to will saves if one of your allegiences is at stake (as defined by me, the GM).

Limited use so far, I think the materials need to include a plethora of suggestions (with specificity) to get more use out of this mechanic.

There are the general categories one can go with, to adjust specifically to the character:
1. Family
2. Race (maybe too broad though for some, e.g. Hyborian?)
3. Nation (or smaller subset, e.g., village or tribe)
4. Organization (mercenary company, gang of thieves, guild, sorcerors' "ring", pirate crew, city guard, etc.)

That probably is some overlap with the book.