After OOB - S&P articles?


I've mentioned this to DM and I thought it would be a good idea to throw it open to other suggestions.

OOB is coming out in November. There are a number of ideas that don't warrant a full supplement (like ww1 and modern naval combat do) that would be good to pop in S&P.

Here are some ideas that have already been thrown around:

ABC countries and mini-campaign (DM has done the fleet lists for this)
Spanish Civil War at Sea mini-campaign (I've done the ships for this)
Battle of Yalu (pre-ww2 japan vs China, which I don't think anyone has looked at)
Various battleships the Washington treaty prevented the building of (I think DM has done virtually all of these)

Any other ideas for articles compatible with the basic VaS book?
I've also got my advanced ASW rules and a piece on the I-400 to supplement the piece that myself and Rich wrote on the Surcouf. Also something on survivors and rescue for campaigns. There were a few other bits and pieces but I can't remember what they were going to be.

Oh, and of course all the ships that didn't make it into OOB. :D